Takashimaya Co., Ltd. (株式会社髙島屋, Kabushiki-gaisha Takashimaya) (TYO: 8233) is a large Japanese department store chain. Founded in 1829 in Kyoto by Iida Shinkichi as a retailer of used clothing and cotton cloth, the store now has outlets throughout Japan and also in Taipei, Paris and Singapore.

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Kinokuniya in Shinjuku images

Kinokuniya in Shinjuku

The best-known branch of this chain is on Shinjuku Dori, but the branch behind the nearby Takashimaya (on the south side of Shinjuku station) is bigger. Kinokuniya has perhaps the largest selection in Tokyo of new books in French and German, as well as English, with numerous specialised academic ti…(97 words)

Andrew Soh Chih Jen image

Andrew Soh Chih Jen

Shinjuku South Exit images

Shinjuku South Exit

If you exit Shinjuku station out the south exit, or better yet the "new" south exit, you arrive in a promenade with Krispy Kreme donuts, Starbucks, Tokyu Hands, and other shops.This whole area is lit up with spectacular lights, and being right outside the station, is a great place for a stroll.…(114 words)

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Shinjuku - Southern Terrace images

Shinjuku - Southern Terrace

Across from Takashimaya, Southern Terrace - some pretty good illuminations.(10 words)

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Enjoy Japanese department stores basements ! images

Enjoy Japanese department stores basements !

You might associate a Japanese word “department store” with expensive stores, but every Japanese department store has its own depachika and all of which are crammed with attractive shelves containing a wide range of foods from a delicious bento box to gorgeous sweets yet for reasonable prices. Aisl…(308 words)

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Books in English images

Books in English

I look for English books at the Kinokuniya Book Store in Shinjuku, right next to Takashimaya Times Square. The have a large selection, including new releases, best sellers, and classics. It's also a great place to find books and flashcards to learn Japanese. http://www.kinokuniya.co.jp/contents…(54 words)

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Kimono for you to wear or for souvenir? images

Kimono for you to wear or for souvenir?

Traditional Kimono is wide range of the price.If you would like to buy traditional Kimono for you to wear, you can go to the department store such as Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihongobashi or Shinjyuku Takashimaya Department store. The most of Department store have a Kimono shop and the…(150 words)

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