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Join Bonodori (Bon dance) in the summer time! images

Join Bonodori (Bon dance) in the summer time!

I was surprised and excited that there are a lot of festivals in Tokyo.One of the summer festival called "bonodori"The Bon dance is the Japanese traditional folk dance. The home coming for the souls of ancestors, Join in the Bonodori is fun!People go to their neighborhood bonodori. Lo…(91 words)

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Kind of Japanese tea images

Kind of Japanese tea

There are many kinds of Japanese tea.Greentea(緑茶), Roasted green tea(ほうじ茶),Tea with whole rice(玄米茶) , Barley tea (麦茶)・・These can be cooled and drunk in the Summer.There is a specialty store of Japanese tea. But,My recommendation is DONKI HOUTE. It is because i…(97 words)

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Mugicha images


It will change your life. Light nutty, grain-y flavor, and completely caffeine free. Great thirst quencher and you can even find it at restaurants in the summer. Look for bottles at the convenience store labeled 麦茶, むぎちゃ, or むぎ茶.(36 words)

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If you would like to try water ski in Tokyo.. images

If you would like to try water ski in Tokyo..

You can sometime see water skiing in Edogawa.In Japan, you can see lots of people ride water ski in a summer time.It was actually really popular in late 80's and early 90's but it is not much popular as before.I found this website and it looks really helpful if you would like to try water…(106 words)

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Fire works party at Jingu Stadium images

Fire works party at Jingu Stadium

If it's summer time, you can see one of the most beautiful fireworks in Japan with in nice environment. Jingu Gaien Fireworks is very nice. You can enjoy fireworks at the ball park (stadium) words)

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Did someone say unagi! images

Did someone say unagi!

When I first came to Japan, I didn't expect the summers to be as long and as torturous as they are. Hot temperatures both highs and lows, day after day and month after month. Knowing the right drinks for a hot and sticky summer night is easy: beer! Food on the other hand is more difficult. But …(182 words)

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Summer power food in Japan - believe it or not, curry! images

Summer power food in Japan - believe it or not, curry!

Although I still haven't quite got used to the concept, many Japanese people love to eat spicy curry when it's very hot and humid.My mother-in-law says that it's because it helps to increase your appetite. Curry is hot and spicy, so it is easier to eat, and somehow makes you end up feeling bett…(105 words)

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William Nealy

Eating soba noodles- the original Japanese fast food. images

Eating soba noodles- the original Japanese fast food.

There are 3 basic noodle varieties available all year long in Japan: soba, udon or ramen. Also there's a fourth- somen noodles-- thin strands eaten cold with ice in the summer only.Soba are noodles made with buckwheat, slightly healthier than the enriched flour in the other noodles offerings.…(161 words)

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Firefly Festival "Hotaru Matsuri" images

Firefly Festival "Hotaru Matsuri"

Firefly festivals are held all over Japan usually at the beginning of summer. Almost every community with a waterway has one and they are open to the public. There are usually food stalls selling yaki soba (fried noodles) and yaki tori (chicken kebabs).(43 words)

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Preforated style stationary.... images

Preforated style stationary....

Recently, I was given a summer gift that was a stationary set, preforated alloing you to write a short note or carry on several pages and end it where you liked! So that makes this is "HAIBARA" and offered in many themes.(44 words)

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Multifunction Masks only in Japan images

Multifunction Masks only in Japan

Before coming to Japan, in my hometown Colorado I've never used or seen a mask.After coming to Japan I've seen many people using masks.During the Fall season.It's easy to catch a cold on a over packed train to work.Many use masks to reduce inhaling the breath of the person standing next t…(135 words)

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Yuuki I

Travel north in winter, travel south in summer for sushi images

Travel north in winter, travel south in summer for sushi

My experience of sushi and if you get to travel around, as I used to a lot, was Hokkaido, Aomori, the fish is amazing in winter. Similarly, Fukuoka, and Shikoku some pretty fine sushi can be had during the summer.(40 words)

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mosquito repellent incense images

mosquito repellent incense

The Japanese name is KATORI-SENKOI am living on the 39th floor of a building and there is not much mosquito there up my place. I think it is because there is no tree so high. The only one we found climbed up with the elevators.But the smell of katori senko is so nice and so reminiscent …(115 words)

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