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The Birthplace of Yumeji images

The Birthplace of Yumeji

Do you know Yumeji Takehisa? Even if you don’t know the name you are probably familiar with the work of this artist from the early 20th century. Sometimes referred to as Japan’s Toulouse Lautrec, Yumeji was active during the Belle Epoque of the Taisho era during which the nation lived in relative p…(315 words)

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Yokohama's Best BBQ and Beer images

Yokohama's Best BBQ and Beer

Bashamichi Taproom is now celebrating their 4th year of serving locals and guests some of the most amazing authentic American-style barbecue and first rate craft beer. The restaurant, located in an area filled with jazz bars, coffee shops, and an exciting night life, has three floors, and is actual…(215 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Shimokitazawa Area Restaurants #3 Pizzeria LaBefena images

Shimokitazawa Area Restaurants #3 Pizzeria LaBefena

From the outside of Pizzeria LaBefena it would be understandable if you saw it as no more than any other small one man operation selling Italian~Japanese style catering to the taste of the local market. but once you take a few steps to the door you enter into a restaurant where you know immediately…(495 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Grand Wine and Fine Yakitori in Yokohama images

Grand Wine and Fine Yakitori in Yokohama

Toriromeo was among the first restaurants to help revive Ishikawacho's food Renaissance back in 2010. It's an intimate, attractive yakitori shop with a counter that only seats nine, and customers lucky enough to sit down are always glad that's so. The no-gimmicks menu offers about 30 varieties of g…(294 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Mario i Sentieri images

Mario i Sentieri

This restaurant's name "Mario i Sentieri" means "Mario's Paths" in English, as chef Mario says he wants his patrons to see their time at his restaurant as an experience, and it was clearly the best restaurant dining experience of my life so far.The lighting is dim enough to be relaxing and roma…(421 words)

Laurier Tiernan image

Laurier Tiernan

The History of Aster Ginza images

The History of Aster Ginza

The story of the history of the Ginza Aster brand is a very interesting one. Established in 1926, its first product was an American style of Chinese food – Chop Suey, and It’s initial store in Ginza proved very popular soon after opening. Although interrupted by the War and the recovery of Japan …(272 words)

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Staying in Kusatsu images

Staying in Kusatsu

“Irrashaimase!” They were expecting us? We were surprised to see that the two greeters at Hotel Sakurai seemed to be expecting us. At least they didn’t look surprised to see not 1, but 2, foreigners pull up in their car. As they guided us to our parking space and to the main hotel lobby o…(228 words)

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Feasting in Kusatsu images

Feasting in Kusatsu

Typical Kusatsu food fare includes onsen manju and onsen tamago ( eggs boiled in the onsens). But it is at the resort hotels and ryokan, that visitors can really be delighted with what Kusatsu has to offer.Hotel Sakurai offers a delicious 9 course kaiseki traditional dinner. A wonderful ma…(290 words)

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Japanese local railroad images

Japanese local railroad

This train exists in Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa.It's possible to go from Ofuna to Enoshima in 13.5 minutes.The feature is the train of a hung style which is also few in Japan.When I take this train which runs in the town, it seems to be a roller coaster.ENODEN which can see a sea in Kamak…(88 words)

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Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef images

Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef

The other day I had the pleasure to interview Minakawa san, the Grand Chef of Ginza Aster. He is a genuinely all round nice guy and it was a great insight to speak to someone in his position. We spoke about various aspects of his time at Aster Ginza, their concept and what he does specifically. H…(273 words)

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