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You could always organize futsal games and the like in one of Tokyo's many parks, but the logistics of getting to parks or the riverside can be somewhat difficult. The solution of course is to seek futsal courts within the downtown areas of Tokyo which everyone can access easily. Not to mention hav…(123 words)

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Use a sword to know the soul of Old Japan images

Use a sword to know the soul of Old Japan

Kendo is cool, you'll learn how to use a sword without getting hurt.You'll get a feel of the Samurai!But that's not all, and knowing how to use the sword is not the point.Kendo is Budo, you meditate before a session and also after a session.You bow before a match, and you bow after a matc…(169 words)

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Yuuki I

Many stores catering to mountain climbers images

Many stores catering to mountain climbers

Many stores that cater to mountain climbers and hikers usually have items useful in responding to disasters (water purifier bottles for example); the Ogawamachi area of Tokyo, near Ochanomizu/Meiji University/Nikolai-do (Holy Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral), is full of such stores, but ICI Ishii S…(91 words)

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Water ski images

Water ski

It might be difficult to enjoy water sports in Tokyo because there aren't many beaches around. But you can always go to Zushi and Kamakura area where the water is relatively clean and one has a better chance at participating in marine sports.(43 words)

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Check out governmental facilities! images

Check out governmental facilities!

There are cooking classes offered at governmental facilities in Tokyo and Yokohama. These governmental facilities are called "chiku center (地区センター) and hold events to train sports clubs to hold cooking lessons. Although the majority of these classes will be in Japanese, it is worth giving a t…(156 words)

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ohayo gozaimasu gives a sense of belonging images

ohayo gozaimasu gives a sense of belonging

Ohayo gozaimasu is what we usually say in the morning, before switching to konichiwa. But it is also used as a greeting among members of a community, or at the office, usually a community that will perform some tough job or sports together. It gives a sense of belonging. This ohayo gozaimas…(57 words)

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