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An integral part of Japanese sports games images

An integral part of Japanese sports games

Ouendan is an important part of the sports culture in Japan. When you go to Japanese baseball, soccer and other sports games, the Ouendan lead the cheers so that the supporters can follow them. Although most of them are at the front of the stadium (near the sport players), there are several others …(144 words)

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Best Way to Enjoy the FIFA World Cup in Japan images

Best Way to Enjoy the FIFA World Cup in Japan

Are you a soccer fanatic, bummed out that you won't be in Brazil to witness the excitement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Don't worry, even if you're here in Japan, on the opposite side of the globe, there are ways to thoroughly enjoy the world cup. You must go to one of the multiple Public Viewing ev…(290 words)

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Football? images


Football season has officially begun. If catching up on the latest scores online, or watching games on cable television aren't enough to satisfy your fix there is good news. It is possible to watch live games here in Japan. "Live" as in, actually being able to attend games in person. "Football?…(345 words)

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Tokyo Jogging Routes images

Tokyo Jogging Routes

I love running around the Jingu-Gaien Loop (1.3 km) that circles around the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, baseball fields, and soccer fields. The loop is wide enough that it never becomes too crowded. I also really enjoy running through Yoyogi Park. The park is large enough that you can run on …(69 words)

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