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Town of Shibamata a blast from the past images

Town of Shibamata a blast from the past

Shibamata, Tokyo is a throwback to the Showa Era, enjoy the architecture and taste the rare traditional treats. Shibamata gained fame as the main setting for the movie series "Otoko wa Tsurai Yo" (It's Tough Being a Man). The lead character, Tora-san, embodies many traditional values, such as frien…(110 words)

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Showa in Heisei images

Showa in Heisei

In Nishiogi, one can find many quaint shops, whether for food, books, antiques, or a small gift for a good friend. Unlike the contemporary boutiques of nearby Kichijoji, where the students from the many women's colleges nearby flock and shop, Nishiogi is where the women "in the know" tend to hang …(471 words)

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