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Getting your Motorcycle License images

Getting your Motorcycle License

There are a few ways to get a motorcycle license in Japan. If you have a license from your home country you can go through the process of having it transferred to a Japanese one. This process differs according the home country in question.If you don't have a license you can get one by taking th…(189 words)

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The Saga of the 50cc license (2007) images

The Saga of the 50cc license (2007)

I've been struggling to get a 50cc motorbike license since May. You would think it would be easy but the thing is that I was determined to take the test in Japanese like all the other Japanese people in this country. After I went to day school for the certificate showing that I had taken a 50cc dri…(512 words)

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Izakaya: An Insider's Perspective images

Izakaya: An Insider's Perspective

It can be a little difficult to explain the concept of an “izakaya” in English. They are likened to pubs or bars, essentially being establishments focused on serving alcoholic drinks. However, that’s not all there is to an izakaya. As a former izakaya waitress, I'd like to debunk a few common misco…(591 words)

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Japan's intelligence comes from the 4 seasons? images

Japan's intelligence comes from the 4 seasons?

When you ask someone from abroad on what they think of JapanWhat answers would you get back?Some many say that Japanese people are polite.Have mannersGood at staying in line.Smart. Have respect for each other.There are many things people think about Japan.Today I would like to t…(572 words)

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Yuuki I

A Car License the Old-fashioned Way images

A Car License the Old-fashioned Way

After being in Japan a while you might feel the need to drive, especially if you live outside a big city. Getting a car license if you are from abroad can be a daunting task for some people but there are actually several ways to go about it.You can transfer your license from your home country. …(324 words)

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