Rice wine[ Sake ]

Sake or saké (/ˈsɑːkeɪ/, "sah-keh") is an alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin that is made from fermented rice. Sake is sometimes called "rice wine" but the brewing process is more akin to beer, converting starch to sugar for the fermentation process, by using Aspergillus oryzae.

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Advice about Sake (Rice wine)

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Tantakatan images


The green shiso leaf, a herb in the mint family, is the base of an interesting alternative Japanese liquor. Personally I prefer it on the rocks with an umeboshi (pickled plum), but you can also mix it with crushed ice, tonic and fresh shiso leaves for a Japanese-style mojito. Part of the fun is get…(66 words)

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Otsukemono, Oshinko, Shiba-zuke and Fukujin-zuke ... etc. images

Otsukemono, Oshinko, Shiba-zuke and Fukujin-zuke ... etc.

When you talk about pickled veggies, there are many kinds like the ones on the title. Basicly they're called "o-tsuke-mono" and are pickled by salt, vinegar, Sake lees, or Miso. When on menu for snack w/ alcohol, they are often called "o-tsuke-mono" or "o-shin-ko". Most of them will contain "…(125 words)

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HANAMI (a MUST-DO) images


THE thing to do in Japan during the spring is hanami. Even as a Japanese who has lived and grown up in Japan, I am still astounded by the beauty of the cherry blossoms. It can be difficult to estimate when the cherry blossoms will fully bloom, because the condition changes depending on the temperat…(212 words)

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Yakatabune images


Yakatabune are, literally "night ships," which are floating party boats. The vast majority are rented out to groups. Some, however, are open for individuals, couples, and small groups. Traditionally, yakatabune serve tempura as the main course. In Tokyo, one of the highlights has been anago…(173 words)

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"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅) in Oimachi (大井町) images

"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅) in Oimachi (大井町)

If you don't know this small diner, you may hesitate to drop in there or may pass by without noticing it, but once you know it, you will definitely love it and feel like coming back again!"Shusai Ken" (酒采 堅), or simply "Ken" (堅), is a small traditional Japanese diner run by a middle-aged J…(379 words)

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Cheers with Japanese Sake images

Cheers with Japanese Sake

Sake is the representative alcohol in Japan. They are a liquor made by fermentation of rice and they are also called “Seisyu”.The Kyoto municipal government was the first to establish so-called “kampai ordinances”, to promote the spread of refined sake made in Kyoto city. The government aims to s…(96 words)

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Hideki Tazawa

Ohanami in Tokyo images

Ohanami in Tokyo

If you have time now you should go to Yasukuni shrine and Chidorigafuchi beside of Kitanomaru park. A lot of Cherry blossom trees blooming now. Tomorrow will be rain so you should go now! You have casual Japanese good with sake for dinner at Yasukuni shrine. If you have time now just go!(53 words)

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A Gentleman's Kimono Completes the Outfit in Japan images

A Gentleman's Kimono Completes the Outfit in Japan

Simple and clean, small Kobachi dishes contain lightly grilled fish, healthy Hijiki seaweed and a few other bites to complement an ochoko cup of dry rice wine. In the photo, the gentleman is taking his first sip of Sake after what may have been a long, stressful day. He may have come home around 8 …(281 words)


Sashimi vs. Sushi images

Sashimi vs. Sushi

Sashimi is a Japanese cuisine of fresh raw fish sliced into thin pieces. Sushi is a Japanese traditional food where you put a sliced raw fish on top of cooked vinegared rice (Su-meshi). A little bit of Wasabi would taste great on the Su-Meshi.“Su-Meshi” can be cooked at home easily. You can buy…(331 words)

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Start Your Deeper Sushi Education images

Start Your Deeper Sushi Education

Sushi. One of life’s little delicious pleasures. Say the word and images of towers of empty plates at kaiten (“conveyer belt”) sushi shops spring to mind. The food is so popular that the once only-in-Japan item can now be found around the world in nearly every supermarket’s take-away section.If…(346 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Kiuchi Brewery images

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Kiuchi Brewery

If you're a beer enthusiast, nothing is better than a brewery tour. You get to go behind the scenes and see how your favorite brew is made and sample the freshest product.Beer enthusiasts visiting Japan should make their way out to Kiuchi Brewery, home of Hitachino Nest Beer, to have a look at …(368 words)

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Feasting in Kusatsu images

Feasting in Kusatsu

Typical Kusatsu food fare includes onsen manju and onsen tamago ( eggs boiled in the onsens). But it is at the resort hotels and ryokan, that visitors can really be delighted with what Kusatsu has to offer.Hotel Sakurai offers a delicious 9 course kaiseki traditional dinner. A wonderful ma…(290 words)

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Who would ever think up a festival like this and then keep it going for 1,200 years images

Who would ever think up a festival like this and then keep it going for 1,200 years

Who would ever think up a festival like this and then keep it going for 1,200 yearsIt was our second day of pulling a ten-ton log down a mountain with 50 hefty men clad in fancy gear riding on top of it that my friend Andrew visiting from Australia turned to me and said, "who would ever dream up …(971 words)

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Nikujaga with Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot images

Nikujaga with Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot

This maybe a simple pairing but the results were very solid. Many would say Sake tends to go well with typical Japanese dishes such as the Nikujaga, however of coarse if you get some red wine in the mix with the beef stew like characteristics of Nikujaga, you cannot go wrong. Have a sip of …(105 words)

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Chris Ingram

More important words than fortune. Words needed in the tavern images

More important words than fortune. Words needed in the tavern

If you come to Tokyo, do you want to enter the tavern, “I-ZAKA-YA”?Only beer and sake.Table is also small.There is what you need to go to the I-ZAKA-YA of Japan.It is the word "TORI-AEZU- BI-I-RU!" and "O-KAI-K!".If you do not use these two words,You also not be eat cuisine foreve…(169 words)

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Suzuhiro Kamaboko images

Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Kamaboko is a seafood product that is steamed, grilled, fried, or poached. Kamaboko is made from white fish, which is filleted, pounded into paste, mixed with salt, sugar, egg whites, fish sauce and Japanese sake. You can enjoy the goodness of fish with a delicious flavor and a unique texture-smoot…(349 words)

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Sake should drink hot or cold? images

Sake should drink hot or cold?

When you try sake, many people have image to have”Hot sake”(atsukan) butmost good sake should be enjoyed slightly chilled. Cheaper sake is served warm.Also If it’s cold winter, you would like to have hot sake to get warm.There are grade of sake. It’s call Daiginjo is the highest quality (ve…(108 words)

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Deep and amazing sake world! images

Deep and amazing sake world!

Sake is most unique and amazing alcohol in world. The taste and scent changes by its temperature drastically. Most of people drink it by cold temperature, same as in fridge, then you feel dry, sometimes sharp, taste with soft sweetness. Some people call it Rice Wine, yes it is like wine when yo…(126 words)

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Moo Moo

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No hangovers! images

No hangovers!

A known fact to people who live in Japan: a night of drinking sake will not leave you hungover. You'll no doubt be tired the next morning as you probably would only have gotten about 2 hours of sleep before needing to wake up and go to work, but no headache and no stomachache!Enjoy!(54 words)

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The Landlord

Shochu and Awamori images

Shochu and Awamori

Shochu - which is typically distilled from either rice, sweet potatoes, brown sugar or barley.Awamori - distilled from Thai rice, from Okinawa.(23 words)

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Ascidiacea (Hoya) images

Ascidiacea (Hoya)

Hoya is a one of popular nibbles for drinks. Looks disgusting, however it is good for sake drinking.(18 words)

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