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Running Long Distance in Tokyo Summer images

Running Long Distance in Tokyo Summer

Summer weather in Japan can challenge runners with staying hydrated. If you run for distance and have signed up for a race in the fall, then you need to train through the hot summer months, while still logging long kilometers. In August, the weather can get up to mid-30s with a great deal of humidi…(651 words)

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Running Around in Yokohama images

Running Around in Yokohama

I often write reviews and articles about restaurants in Yokohama, but what do I with the all the calories that come with the job? Well, like many of the 3.7 million people who live here, I run. And there really is no better city in Japan to do just that.Yokohama is chock-full of running routes,…(230 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

5K Runs Around the Imperial Palace in Japan images

5K Runs Around the Imperial Palace in Japan

The Kokyo Run is a 5km running path that goes around the Imperial Palace. It is one of the most famous running paths in Japan and you will be able to meet other joggers. It would be best to do the run on a sunny day in either Spring or Autumn. During those seasons, the trees should be beautiful and…(75 words)

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Japanese Royalty and Imperial Palace images

Japanese Royalty and Imperial Palace

When you think of Japan, many things might come to mind like bright glimmering streets full of light up signs and billboards, mystic temples, busy street crossings, or even delicious sushi fresh from the source. Often over looked by outsiders, is the fact that like in many western nations who have …(257 words)

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Hadaka Matsuri, a.k.a "The Naked Man Festival" images

Hadaka Matsuri, a.k.a "The Naked Man Festival"

On the third Saturday night in February, the annual Hadaka Matsuri is held at the Saidaiji Kannon-in temple in Okayama Prefecture. This year's festival will be held on February 21st, 2015.Originating in 1510, this historic festival is also one of Japan's largest Naked Man festivals. In fact, na…(349 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Getting your Motorcycle License images

Getting your Motorcycle License

There are a few ways to get a motorcycle license in Japan. If you have a license from your home country you can go through the process of having it transferred to a Japanese one. This process differs according the home country in question.If you don't have a license you can get one by taking th…(189 words)

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