Rinno-ji Temple日光輪王寺[ Nikko Rinno ji ]

Rinnō-ji (輪王寺) is a complex of 15 Buddhist temple buildings in the city of Nikkō, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. The site was established in the year 766 by the Buddhist monk, Shōdō. Due to its geographic isolation, deep in the mountains of Japan, the site soon attracted other Buddhist monks in search of solitude. Among the most famous buildings is the Sanbutsudō (三仏堂) or Three Buddha Hall. This building features gold-leafed statues of Amida, Kannon with a thousand arms (Senju-Kannon) and Kannon with a horse's head (Batō-Kannon). Next to the Sanbutsudō Hall there are Shōyō-en Garden and the Treasure House of Rinnō-ji.

from Rinnō-ji (Wikipedia) CC BY SA 3.0