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Please try Japanese noodle 'Soba' after Akihabara Electric Town images

Please try Japanese noodle 'Soba' after Akihabara Electric Town

Kanda Yabu Soba was more than just a noodle restaurant, it was a tangible connection to the city's past, to a way of living that evolved centuries back in the narrow crowded streets of Edo. words)

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Wasabi images


First, the correct way to pronounce wasabi is by putting the strongest emphasis on the "wa" and not the "sa" - WA-sa-bi, not wa-SAH-bi.Wasabi is often referred to as Japanese horseradish. It is actually of a family of plants that includes, not only horseradish, but cabbage and mustard. Its fl…(208 words)

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Tipping versus Service Charge images

Tipping versus Service Charge

Tipping - not normally done, don't think you have to, although if you want to, it's fine. Service Charge - Often restaurants will include this in the bill (by way of tip). Now, if for example, the restaurant's service was sub-standard, you are within your rights to ask for this to removed.(52 words)

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La Boheme Italian restaurant images

La Boheme Italian restaurant

When people think of Japan, they usually don't think of Japan for Italian food. However, I have found that Tokyo has excellent Italian food at reasonable prices. La Boheme is one Italian restaurant chain that you can always count on for great food and excellent service. From pizza to pasta and b…(63 words)

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a boy/girlfriend and money; finger counting is also different images

a boy/girlfriend and money; finger counting is also different

when someone is talking about someone else's boy/girlfriend they might not say the wooooord, but use their little finger up. Easy to do, close your hand, fingers looking towards you and raise the little finger. Everyone will understand.Money. In Europe, we use the thumb and the forefinger in a …(327 words)

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For a fancy and healthy teishoku images

For a fancy and healthy teishoku

Recently, I ate at a cute, fancy restaurant near Shibuya and Omotesando station and the UN University, called PARIYA. As this is catered towards women as well as business-people, they offer take-out as well as a sitting-area with a fancy, relaxing atmosphere. When you go in, you can choose amon…(156 words)

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