Sweet red bean soupおしるこ[ Oshiruko ]

Red bean soup refers to various traditional Asian soups made with azuki beans. In China, red bean soup (紅豆汤, pinyin: hóng dòu tāng) is a popular dish. The soup is commonly thinner than the Japanese oshiruko version. It is categorized as a tang shui糖水, (pinyin: táng shǔi) (literally translated as sugar water), or sweet soup. It is often served cold during the summer, and hot in the winter. Leftover red bean soup can also be frozen to make ice pops and is a popular dessert.

from Red_bean_soup (Wikipedia) CC BY SA 3.0

Advice about Oshiruko (Sweet red bean soup)

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“Oshiruko” can make you hot from the core of your body! images

“Oshiruko” can make you hot from the core of your body!

“Oshiruko” is one of the most popular winter foods in winter. Oshiruko is a sweet red-bean soup with mochi or shira-tama (rice‐flour dumplings). It tastes very sweet and keeps you warm especially during cold season where people consume energy a lot. Some people enjoy putting “Arare” (very small ri…(58 words)

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