An onsen (温泉) is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs. As a volcanically active country, Japan has thousands of onsen scattered along its length and breadth. Onsen were traditionally used as public bathing places and today play a central role in directing Japanese domestic tourism.

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In Home Hydrotherapy images

In Home Hydrotherapy

Japan boasts a myriad of pristine beaches, picturesque lakes and waterfalls, and serine onsens like none other. Spending time in these waters can be very therapeutic for your body and your mind alike, but the fast pace of life can often deprive you of time to be able to fully utilize and immerse yo…(327 words)

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Bathe in Paradise at Luxury Hotel Kaze no Kaori images

Bathe in Paradise at Luxury Hotel Kaze no Kaori

Izu, in Shizuoka Prefecture, is a favourite go-to locale for both Japanese and tourists. Its seaside hotels, hot springs, and some of the freshest seafood in the country are well-known to many who come to treat themselves to a small piece of heaven.My favourite hotel to stay at when I visit is …(289 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Popular ski resorts in Japan images

Popular ski resorts in Japan

The “ski-hotels.jp” provides information about the popular ski resorts in Japan such as Niseko , Sapporo , Hakuba , Yuzawa , Zao and Nozawa Onsen , and recommended accommodation of the area.You can compare the price of accommodations listed in more than 30 online room-booking websites and find th…(76 words)

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Hot spring etiquette: Please, do hot-bath like a pro. images

Hot spring etiquette: Please, do hot-bath like a pro.

Hot springs are often marketed for their positive effects on health: skin, articulations, cardio-vascular system, muscular relaxation… depending on its mineral content, the hot water is supposed to have an impact on your body. As the Romans used to say - and they were enjoying hot springs too - men…(705 words)

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Shinto Shrine and Buddhist Temple coexisting ? images

Shinto Shrine and Buddhist Temple coexisting ?

It may sound strange if I tell you there is a place called Kanzan-ji(temple) that has a Shinto gateway. The place is about 10 minute drive from my office and it is by Hamana Lake.The temple was on top of the small hill overlooking the lake and Tomei expressway.There you can view Ferris wheel …(131 words)

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5 Tips for Traveling Cheaper in Japan images

5 Tips for Traveling Cheaper in Japan

When I talk to people about traveling in Japan, I normally get a response along the lines of I'd love to go, but it's just too expensive.It's true that Japan is an expensive destination, especially compared to other nearby destinations like Thailand. But that doesn't mean that it's impossible t…(721 words)

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Senmo Trip "White Winter Fantasy" images

Senmo Trip "White Winter Fantasy"

“Winter is a season of recovery and rest,” wrote Paul Theroux, travel writer and novelist. But for Hokkaido, it is only just waking up. Once the snow has covered its vastness, the drift ice arrives, bringing along with it wildlife guests and natural marvels you will rarely glimpse elsewhere. As for…(747 words)

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DeepJapan Editor

Traditional Japanese lodging images

Traditional Japanese lodging

The two most common traditional Japanese lodging facilities are ryokan and minshuku. The biggest differences between the two is usually the price and type of services offered. A ryokan is a full service facility, usually accompanied by a fairly high price. Many ryokan are located in popular tour…(98 words)

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Hiking and Onsen ( Hot Spring) images

Hiking and Onsen ( Hot Spring)

Autumn is great season for hiking, what's so special about hiking in Japan is not only you enjoy autumn leaves, you get an opportunity to visit onsen (Hot spring). Of course, you have to choose place where onsen is available but it's so refreshing to have onsen especially after spending a day in hi…(54 words)

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Take a bus!!! images

Take a bus!!!

Look for a KEISEI high way bus counter to get a ticket to Tokyo. The bus will take you to the Yaesu exit of the Tokyo Station, Sukiyabashi (Ginza), or Oedo Onsen Monogatari (an Onsen spa facility in Tokyo Bay area.) The transportation fee is only 900 yen per person each way.Please note that if yo…(83 words)

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Hatha Yoga Lover

The Madding Crowds images

The Madding Crowds

Now that the sakura blossoms are nearing their end, at least in Tokyo, the next 'season' coming up in Japan is Golden Week. (If you still want to see sakura head north and it's possible to have another couple of weeks or more of sakura blossom viewing.)Golden week this year starts from Tuesday,…(253 words)

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Joe Peters

Golden Week images

Golden Week

Golden Week - that period of many holidays in Japan - is upon us! For some, the long holiday period started on April 29 (Tuesday) and will stretch through Sunday, May 11. A "hearty" few even took April 28th off, giving them 16 days of vacation time with only 7 days of actual vacation days used. Man…(489 words)

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Joe Peters