Odawara (小田原市, Odawara-shi) is a city located in western Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. As of June 2012, the city has an estimated population of 196,922 and a population density of 1,730 persons per km². The total area is 114.09 km². Odawara occupies the Ashigara Plains, in the far western portion of Kanagawa Prefecture. It is bordered by the Hakone Mountains to the north and west, the Sakawa River to the east and Sagami Bay of the Pacific Ocean to the south.

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Odawara, a castle town images

Odawara, a castle town

Odawara Castle is probably the best example of a castle to visit in the immediate Tokyo area. The museum in the main keep has a nice collection of artifacts, armor, and weapons. They have also done a great job reconstructing some gates and maintaining the castle groundsThe history of Odawara Castle…(340 words)

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Sea foods bowl restaurant "Kaishu" in Odawara images

Sea foods bowl restaurant "Kaishu" in Odawara

Odawara is the station many people pass by when they visit popular Hakone. We happened to walk around Odawara for the first time when we visited Hakone last time. There, we found a very good restaurant specializing in sea foods bowls(Donburi),"Kaishu". With such a colorful restaurant's front face, …(242 words)

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Odawara Castle - Worth a Visit! images

Odawara Castle - Worth a Visit!

When you are in Odawara area, the Odawara Castle is worth a visit. It is actually located in a fairly short walk from Odawara Station. You can see it from the station as this castle is built upon a small hill. What I liked most is a beautiful red bridge leading across the moat into the castle g…(269 words)

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On your way to Hakone or Mt. Fuji, stop by great spots in Odawara images

On your way to Hakone or Mt. Fuji, stop by great spots in Odawara

Odawara city in Kanagawa Prefecture was once a center of politics, culture and administration overseeing the Kanto region back in the Sengoku period (the Age of Civil Wars) in Japan. Historically, Odawara Castle was governed by the feudal lords of five generations called “Hojo five generations” for…(1120 words)



Odawara Castle images

Odawara Castle

Nobility, castles, vast open farm lands, Shōguns, and warring samurai mounted on horseback are what you would have seen if you were to travel to Edo, or Tokyo, back in the fifteenth century. If you have come to Japan to try and get a little glimpse or feel for that era in time, or if you just have…(336 words)

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Hakone's Hidden Wonder: My Favourite Temple in Japan images

Hakone's Hidden Wonder: My Favourite Temple in Japan

Daiyuzan Saijo-ji is a breathtaking Buddhist temple that was built more than 615 years ago. Although it is still frequented by devout worshipers from all across Japan, it remains one of the less talked about magnificent places in Kanagawa Prefecture. This is probably due to the fact that Daiyuzan S…(247 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Suzuhiro Kamaboko images

Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Kamaboko is a seafood product that is steamed, grilled, fried, or poached. Kamaboko is made from white fish, which is filleted, pounded into paste, mixed with salt, sugar, egg whites, fish sauce and Japanese sake. You can enjoy the goodness of fish with a delicious flavor and a unique texture-smoot…(349 words)

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Explore Tokyo’s neighbor Kanagawa Prefecture images

Explore Tokyo’s neighbor Kanagawa Prefecture

A day in Yokohama“If you have a full day to spend and you’re in Tokyo, I recommend taking a trip to the port city of Yokohama, especially if it's a beautiful day. On a sunny day, the Minato Mirai area with its series of shopping malls, amusement park and hotels situated around a bay is a must s…(358 words)

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