Nishi Hongan-ji Temple西本願寺[ Nishi Hongan ji ]

Nishi Hongan-ji (西本願寺, Nishi Hongan-ji) "Western Temple of the Original Vow" is one of two temple complexes of Jōdo Shinshū in Kyoto, Japan, the other being Higashi Hongan-ji, or "Eastern Temple of the Original Vow". Jōdo Shinshū is a school of Pure Land Buddhism, and today Nishi Hongan-ji serves as the head temple of the Jōdo Shinshū organization. As with many sites in Kyoto, they have more casual names, and are known affectionately in Kyoto as Onissan (お西さん, Dear Mr. West) and Ohigashisan (お東さん, Dear Mr. East).

from Nishi_Honganji (Wikipedia) CC BY SA 3.0