Miyazaki Prefecture (宮崎県, Miyazaki-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located on the island of Kyushu. The capital is the city of Miyazaki. Historically, after the Meiji Restoration, Hyūga Province was renamed Miyazaki Prefecture.

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A beautiful gorge in Miyazaki images

A beautiful gorge in Miyazaki

Looking for scenery that's impossible to capture with a camera? Miyazaki Prefecture has a beautiful gorge named Takachiho-kyo, one of the must-go places in Kyushu. It is filled with greenery and the water has a beautiful turquoise tint.There are also areas to eat typical Japanese food and purch…(94 words)

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Ikoma Plateau Where One Million Cosmos Bloom images

Ikoma Plateau Where One Million Cosmos Bloom

Kobayashi City in Miyazaki Prefecture is home to Ikoma Platea, where you can enjoy beautiful flowers that seem to cover fields that seem never-ending. The park is open from Spring to Fall each year. I visited this area during October where I could enjoy the celebration of one million cosmos flowers…(270 words)

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Kobayashi city, a place suspended in a mythological time images

Kobayashi city, a place suspended in a mythological time

I didn't really know what to expect from a trip to Kobayashi city. I've lived in Tokyo for the most part of my 10-year stay here, and while I did my research on the city, I could not quite grasp the mood of the place until I set foot there. If you are one who loves their wi-fi connection and bustli…(893 words)

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Roppongi Hills Toho Cinemas in Japan images

Roppongi Hills Toho Cinemas in Japan

The Toho Cinemas movie theater at Roppongi Hills is my favourite in Tokyo. The cinema is fairly new (about ten years) and shows the most English films in the Tokyo area. In Japan, U.S. animation movies are often dubbed into Japanese and only shown in Japanese. Only a selected number of theaters, in…(144 words)

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Wagyu at Ginza Aster images

Wagyu at Ginza Aster

I had the pleasure of having a great meal at Aster Ginza recently. When speaking with the very friendly and helpful staff, the topic of where and how they source their products came up. The staff member explained that typically they go out of their way to use locally sourced products as much as pos…(254 words)

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Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en(architecture museum) images

Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en(architecture museum)

Edo Tokyo Tatemono-en is an outdoor museum to restore an old building of Japan, and to be able to see them freely. You can bring yourself to old time of Japan.Some of builfings are used in "Spirited away", a movie by Gibli, for reference. When you pass the museum to the direction of Mitaka, the …(156 words)

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