Hydrangeaあじさい[ Ajisai ]

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Hydrangea's in Japan - Ajisai images

Hydrangea's in Japan - Ajisai

Japan is a country of multiple seasons and for every season there are a different set of flowers that are blooming. At this very time of year, the Hydrangea's are blooming. In Japanese, hydrangea's are called Ajisai. You can go to virtually any park, temple or residential neighborhood and find h…(130 words)

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Hydrangea images


Viewing the hydrangea is one of the ways to spend the early summer season. You can either see them on the streets, or visit some locations famous for hydrangea. Meigetsu-in and Hase-dera are two of the many famous temples in Kamakura. The best time to visit is from mid-June to early-July. However, …(61 words)

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