French cuisineフランス料理[ Furansu ryori ]

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Exquisite French Fine Dining in Yokohama images

Exquisite French Fine Dining in Yokohama

Although I live in Yokohama, I avoided this restaurant for years thinking Queen Alice "had to be" overrated and overpriced. Created and owned by former Iron Chef, Yutaka Ishinabe, why else wouldn't I?But last night I took my girlfriend there for our three-year anniversary, and had a wonderful, …(244 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

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This store is famous for a cook. The famous cook of French cuisine or the Italian cuisine is making ramen noodles. He is a foreigner. His name is Ivan. It is not also bean paste, soy sauce, or salt. It is a new taste. It is very famous in Japan. Ivan Ramen3-24-7Minamikarasuyama,Se…(80 words)

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