Foot bath足湯[ Ashiyu ]

An ashiyu (足湯) is a Japanese public bath in which people can bathe their feet. The majority of ashiyu are free. An electric ashiyu foot bath sold in a department store The term ashiyu is a combination of the two characters "ashi" 足 meaning "foot", and "yu" 湯 meaning "hot water".  Many ashiyu are set up on street corners in towns with hot springs (onsen). People can easily enjoy them without having to remove all their clothing. They can also be found at railway stations, rest areas, and parks. While most foot baths are free, at some places a small donation or fee under 200 yen is required.

from Ashiyu (Wikipedia) CC BY SA 3.0

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Ashiyu - Onsen For Your Feet images

Ashiyu - Onsen For Your Feet

Have you tried onsen in Japan? There are many famous hot spring areas in the country and most of them offer both full baths and ashiyu. Ashiyu (足湯)is an onsen foot bath. Try it. A warm foot bath is the perfect way to rest, especially after a long walk. Kinugawa Onsen near NikkoIn many o…(524 words)

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Japan’s Best Onsen For a Day Trip images

Japan’s Best Onsen For a Day Trip

Japanese travellers love to go on a day trip to an onsen. Spend the day with your friends, try some local foods, and relax in the bath. Higaeri onsen 日帰り温泉 is the Japanese word for a one day trip Japanese hot spring. The Japanese TripAdvisor site released its new ranking of Day Spas and On…(541 words)

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Kusatsu Onsen: Rated No.1 of Japan’s 100 Best Hot Springs for 12 consecutive years ! (2/3) images

Kusatsu Onsen: Rated No.1 of Japan’s 100 Best Hot Springs for 12 consecutive years ! (2/3)

There are three bathing styles unique to Kusatsu. They are jikan-yu , Agari-yu and Awase-yu. Guests are encouraged to enjoy these about 3 times per day and try to remain in the onsen for an extended to take a full advantage of the special curing properties.Jikan-yu: These are timed baths where…(466 words)



Japanese style travel images

Japanese style travel

Minshuku - Japanese bed and breakfast"There are different kinds of ryokan and minshuku inns in Japan... Personally I like minshukus best as they small and more personable. The owners run the minshuku and cook the meals. They take great pride preparing meals and making sure you are comfortable."…(339 words)

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Take foot bath! images

Take foot bath!

Ashi-yu (foot bath) is one of the best ways to relax your feet. You sometimes find it in famous spring place. After hard walking, you put your lower lags in the hot water and have some rest. When you pick your legs out, it should be very light than before.(50 words)

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