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We call this paradise images

We call this paradise

There are parts of Japan that are still a relic. Indications of the Bubble "Jidai" are easily accessible places on the map, by their very nature, many rail roads go to them.Some of these places are being rejuvenated by the new people that populate them.Places like Minakami. Places like Tenj…(66 words)

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Kamikoya Washi Studio and Boutique Accommodation images

Kamikoya Washi Studio and Boutique Accommodation

Rogier is originally from The Netherlands and arrived in Japan in 1980 when he decided to journey to Japan to explore and discover the roots of paper making. After 40 years of living and dedicating his adult life to the art of washi making he has become the notable foreign master in this field.Ro…(125 words)

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