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Smoking is bad for your health, but if you must do it. images

Smoking is bad for your health, but if you must do it.

There are designated smoking areas near most train stations and over locations where people gather. These can be very congested and a bit dirty.But it is where you should smoke. Here is the link to the Japan Tabaco site and they have a series of posters to promote proper smoking mannersLink…(104 words)

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Expect a knock images

Expect a knock

My experiences at Japanese inns have all been very pleasant. However, to a certain extent, you have to remember the close quarters you are in. You will be getting somewhat familiar with the owners and employees of the inn as you will pass them by on the way to the bath, dinner, restroom, etc.Al…(134 words)

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Don't litter! images

Don't litter!

When walking around in Tokyo, you should prevent littering. Many Japanese people hold on to their trash and try to keep the city clean. Japanese also tend to recycle their garbage, which makes it harder to sometimes find the right garbage can. If you have garbage that you really want to throw out, …(68 words)

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Be efficient. images

Be efficient.

If there is a long line at the cashier, while you are waiting, you may want to get your change ready (if you know the price). This will reduce the waiting time for the people behind you. This comes from the Japanese attitude of wanting to please other people or not wanting to bother others. In orde…(95 words)

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Always check your sound images

Always check your sound

Personally, when I use headphones in a crowded train, I triple check that the sound is not audible outside the headphones. Noise leakage from people's headphones can be a real pain in the morning on a crowded train, and for some reason, people are just oblivious to their own noise (and no one will …(97 words)

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Not a must but ... images

Not a must but ...

Not a must but whenever I have a big note to buy something small, I would always state, "Sumimasen, ookii no shika motte imasen.", which literally means that, "I'm sorry that I only have a big note."For me, it is just a small way to show our gratitude for the pain/trouble we are causing. Small …(69 words)

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Andrew Soh Chih Jen

To the little tray.... images

To the little tray....

In Japan, you should not hand in the cash directly to the casher's hands. Always leave the cash into the little tray at the casher or if they do not have the tray, you should leave it to the casher-desk. This is to avoid any direct conflicts with the person in charge of the casher in case of los…(87 words)

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Kon-nichiwa !! images

Kon-nichiwa !!

Greetings are a kind of manner as well as a way of communication to open up for each other. As you may know, Japanese hospitality is highly valued by other countries. Our hospitality always starts with greetings and ends with greetings. Through greetings, we can feel closer to each other. I think …(82 words)

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bowing is showing your respects at a temple or shrine images

bowing is showing your respects at a temple or shrine

I was asked my friend from Europe what are manners at Shrine and Temple. Shrine is Shinto(Japanese original religion) and temple is Buddhist.I was taught from my grandmother when I go to Shinto shrine, crap my hands and call god , bow and you pray your wishes.When I go to Temple, I don't cra…(65 words)

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escalator mannar images

escalator mannar

When you take an escalator, which side do you stand if you are not in a hurry? To stand right may be the good manner in most parts of the world but it's not in Tokyo. Japanese people stand left when they are not in a rush so the people who are in a hurry can go up on right side!(But when I we…(77 words)

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Change slippers for the toilet! images

Change slippers for the toilet!

Do not wear your room slippers into the toilet area, this will really annoy people. Use the provided toilet slippers.(20 words)

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Eating at a Japanese restaurant images

Eating at a Japanese restaurant

Before entering, understand if non-smoking seats are available and credit cards can be used. When eating, do not pour soy sauce on white rice! When paying, no tip is required; just say "Gochiso Sama!"(34 words)

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breaking Waribashi so quietly images

breaking Waribashi so quietly

Waribashi (割り箸) are those wooden chopsticks that you need to break apart.Some people rub Waribashi together when they break them apart, but this is considered as a bad manner. Please use them without doing so. Also, in Japan, "Waru (break apart)" is considered as bad luck. So, when you break …(67 words)

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Getting a seat on a crowded train & Offering your seat images

Getting a seat on a crowded train & Offering your seat

Generally speaking, Japanese are very oriented on getting a seat on the train, as this is an opportunity to get some much-needed sleep! So, what will more often than not happen is people will generally try to avoid giving up a seat for someone who needs it. Offering a seat although it is done b…(148 words)

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Keep to the left when standing on the escalators images

Keep to the left when standing on the escalators

You're expected to keep to the left when you are standing on the escalators. And to the right when you are climbing.I say this because I am not good at it when I am in Osaka, where people do the opposite: to the right when standing, to the left when climbing. I end up finding myself standing on…(70 words)

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