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Before you leave... images

Before you leave...

When staying at the park or street with cherry blossoms, you should not take up excessive amounts of space, especially if it is a popular location. Take a picnic sheet that will fit your friends and/or family members with whom you will be doing hanami. Also, you must remember to throw out your own …(106 words)

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ABC Cooking Studio images

ABC Cooking Studio

ABC Cooking Studio is a place where people come to cook a variety of foods in a casual manner. There are 124 studios currently operating in Japan, and as a member, you will be allowed to take classes at any studio of your choice. The classes are done in a small group, ensuring you maximum suppo…(121 words)

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Cleanliness in Key in Japanese Shops images

Cleanliness in Key in Japanese Shops

One thing I absolutely love about Japan is how clean everything is. Today I was at a soba shop and I noticed the little cup of toothpicks was knocked over and that about 20 toothpicks were strewn across the countertop. I noted this to the staff in the restaurant and he immediately said "So Sorry!" …(183 words)


The Delicious Combo of Japanese Crackers and Tasty Beer images

The Delicious Combo of Japanese Crackers and Tasty Beer

If you are going somewhere in the suburbs late at night you will notice a lot of people choose to take a breather on the Green Sha (green car first class seats) on the way home. A nice Green Car attendant comes through the car to offer drinks and snacks and I always choose Asahi Super Dry beer and …(216 words)


How do the Japanese promote good behavior? images

How do the Japanese promote good behavior?

I always wonder how it is possible to get so many people behave in a special way, especially when it comes to public manners. No scoop here, but the Japanese society model is not based on individualism. Fitting in is a matter of survival. But well, how do they promote good manners? But what…(433 words)

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Name Drop images

Name Drop

Usually when I meet Japanese people, even though I speak Japanese, they may be hesitant to properly introduce themselves to me, particularly if it is a group with multiple people and one distinct leader, or connection between my group and theirs. One thing I try and make a point of is coming across…(200 words)

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Visit the "Castles" of Past Daimyo, Feudal Lords in Japan images

Visit the "Castles" of Past Daimyo, Feudal Lords in Japan

If you are interested in learning about the Edo Period, I recommend visiting one of the many daimyo yashiki (feudal lord mansions) that can still be found in many parts of Tokyo. During the Edo Period, every feudal lord was forced by the Tokugawa Shogunate (the central government) to build and main…(221 words)

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Try not to eat or drink while walking and riding trains! images

Try not to eat or drink while walking and riding trains!

The generally accepted rule of conduct is to not eat or drink on the train and while walking (taking a sip of water or tea is fine). This is because Japanese people tend to be very considerate for other people on the train and streets. They also want to keep the trains and streets clean by not spil…(86 words)

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Separate Sticks images

Separate Sticks

Yakiniku at a restaurant will always be grilled by your party, and not by employees. This is different from yakitori (grilled chicken) which is always done by chefs, as it is a more delicate process.One thing to keep in mind, especially when eating in groups where people will be communally tak…(159 words)

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Think about your song choice images

Think about your song choice

If going to karaoke with friends, you should definitely consider your song choice. Try not to pick songs that only you can enjoy. Sometimes, it is fun to sing old songs that all of you know and can sing along to or new songs that you would want to introduce to your friends. I love singing duet song…(108 words)

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Enjoy the scenery in a Jinrikisha! images

Enjoy the scenery in a Jinrikisha!

An interesting type of transportation is "Jinrikisha," which is a wooden carriage with two wheels pulled by a person. I have see nthese in areas such as Asakusa and Kamakura. This is one of the oldest forms of transportation in Japan and is a great way for tourists to get to know the area. From the…(110 words)

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Keep the beach clean! images

Keep the beach clean!

Although beaches do not have many strict rules, one that is implied is to keep the beach clean. Similar to other manners, Japanese tend to think about other people who may use the space later. Therefore it is important to not leave trash around when you leave. This may be difficult, because there a…(97 words)

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Find Out Why Family-Run Hotels are So Comfortable in Japan! images

Find Out Why Family-Run Hotels are So Comfortable in Japan!

There aren't any strict manners that you wouldn't have to follow at a regular hotel but do at a Japanese bed and breakfast or minshuku. However, the unique aspects of a minshuku create some space for extra things you could be mindful about. First of all, minshuku are almost always family run. They …(173 words)

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Turn the slippers around! images

Turn the slippers around!

It is usually polite to use slippers instead of walk in bare feet or with socks on. When you take your slippers off, to enter a room, you should slip them off quietly and carefully and turn them around so that you (or someone else) can slip it on later with ease.(52 words)

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Be Conscientious! images

Be Conscientious!

It is very important to be conscientious of others if you happen to go with Japanese friends. Although nobody will directly tell you this rule, people usually take turns singing at karaoke. No one will probably say anything but you may get some cold looks from your friends if you dominate the mike …(140 words)

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What are the toy machines "Gacha Gacha" I see around town? images

What are the toy machines "Gacha Gacha" I see around town?

They are one-coin operating gadget vending machines! I would say they were developed based on Japanese people's two characteristics - 1. Like to test one's luck. 2. Love the action of devising an unusual plan on tiny items. Japanese people love to test their luck based on every little things ar…(245 words)

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Keep a seat for someone later! images

Keep a seat for someone later!

You will notice that when you enter a train, in most of the train cars there will be a reserved area for people who need the seat: these are called "priority seats". Of course, you can just leave it up to logic in regard to who actually needs the seat, but there will be some symbols on the window n…(196 words)

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Japan has the Cleanest Shops in the World images

Japan has the Cleanest Shops in the World

If you happen to be a bit jet lagged and feel like walking around some of Tokyo's downtown neighborhoods (Roppongi, Shinjuku, Shinbashi, etc.) early in the morning, you will see some interesting culture that has to do with how this city stays clean. In the Summer time, shop owners will often do som…(170 words)


Use Hashi (chopsticks) in order to be different! images

Use Hashi (chopsticks) in order to be different!

There are some different types of suchi such as Nigiri and Gunkan-maki. Gunkan maki is a sushi made by wrapping rice with dried seaweed around its perimeter and placing “neta” on rice. When neta seems to drop if you try to dip gunkan maki in soy source, it is one of very smart manners to pick up Ga…(104 words)

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Spring for HANAMI (cherry blossom viewing) has come !! images

Spring for HANAMI (cherry blossom viewing) has come !!

In Japan, we have a custom of enjoying changes in nature which occurred as the seasons progresses such as hanami (cherry blossom viewing), Tsukimi (moon viewing) and Yukimi (snow viewing). Hanami is a kind of party to celebrate the upcoming spring and it will be seen throughout the country from aro…(621 words)

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I did it! I have found the proof of the existance of incivility in Japan! images

I did it! I have found the proof of the existance of incivility in Japan!

Have you ever wondered how they do it to keep their cities and public space so spic and span clean? I do. Every day I walk the streets of the city, and I am amazed by its welcoming cleanliness. - There is no paper, not gums littering the streets. No nothing. They even do not have rubbish bins! …(387 words)

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Japan's intelligence comes from the 4 seasons? images

Japan's intelligence comes from the 4 seasons?

When you ask someone from abroad on what they think of JapanWhat answers would you get back?Some many say that Japanese people are polite.Have mannersGood at staying in line.Smart. Have respect for each other.There are many things people think about Japan.Today I would like to t…(572 words)

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Yuuki I

Good Smoking Rule in Japan images

Good Smoking Rule in Japan

Many years ago, my Dad as well as some of my other family members from the US were stationed in various parts of Japan from just after WWII. When I was with them, one of the questions they often ask me is about cigarette smokers and proper manner for smoking in Japan.During their assignments in…(272 words)

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One-day tour ? "Discover The Historic Kamakura together with Japanese locals! “ images

One-day tour ? "Discover The Historic Kamakura together with Japanese locals! “

Why do you join our one-day tour? Some infomation here .10:00 am Gather at JR Kamakura Station. ▶Walk to Sugimotodera temple. ▶Have lunch at Kofuku Restaurant. ▶Explore Hokokuji Banboo temple. …(65 words)

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Japan's Sengakuji and the 47 Famous Samurai (Part 3) images

Japan's Sengakuji and the 47 Famous Samurai (Part 3)

A quick read-up on the story of the 47 Ronin who avenged their Lord will give the pertinent details on how the plan was executed and how the Ronin successfully found and exacted revenge on Kira Yoshinaka one snowy morning in Tokyo. He desperately begged for mercy from the Ako Clan members and was u…(1225 words)


Do You Know "Hidari Gawa Tsuko?" Pass on the left in Japan images

Do You Know "Hidari Gawa Tsuko?" Pass on the left in Japan

"To the Left, To the Left" is one of my favorite songs and it well applies to some parts of my life....okay, yes you're right, Ill avoid that topic for today :) But, "To the Left" is an important concept in Japan. When you walk around, basically anywhere in Japan, you'll see the cool everyone k…(435 words)


Be polite images

Be polite

The key is to be conscientious of others: don't eat on the train, don't talk on the phone, remove your back-pack, try to speak a bit quieter than normal, and don't cross your legs.(34 words)

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The wait sweetens the drink images

The wait sweetens the drink

Timing is everything when toasting in Japan. The toast is the official start to the party, rather than simply an acknowledgement of something or someone. Parties in Japan tend to be well-planned, and often the “wonderful and lucky opportunity” for everyone to be gathered despite busy schedules, etc…(136 words)

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Don't play with your chopsticks! images

Don't play with your chopsticks!

When I was child, my grandmother often said to me. "don't play with your chopsticks!"1. Don't pointed out people with chopsticks2. Don't spear your food with a chopsticks3. Big no no is stand chopsticks upright in rice, (this means 'death')Of course it's better use chopsticks properly, …(59 words)

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How to bow images

How to bow

I work at a medical clinic in Japan, and had to participate last month in an etiquette workshop in which we learned how to bow properly. Although I'm no expert myself, this is what we learned:1. You should face the person to whom you're bowing. There are 3 kinds of bows: #1-casual bow that c…(214 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Bathroom slippers images

Bathroom slippers

The most important thing to remember when you use bathroom slippers: Don't forget to take them off when you finish using the restroom. it is sometimes very difficult to remember, because you were wearing room slippers before you went in. The faux pas is going to get caught pretty quickly - the ba…(99 words)

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Smile! :) images

Smile! :)

Smiling is the most important thing you can do when you meet Japanese people. If you know some Japanese greetings like “Ohayou,” and “Kon-nichiwa,” you can use these words for the beginning of conversations. When Japanese people know you try to speak the Japanese language, they feel happy and comfo…(59 words)

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Keep the store clean and stay polite! images

Keep the store clean and stay polite!

An aspect I am always surprised by when shopping in Japan is that the stores are always impeccably clean! What I learned through experience is that the shoppers themselves leave the shops clean by folding the clothes or not picking up the clothes unless they like it. Also, it is a Japanese custo…(120 words)

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left or right? images

left or right?

In Tokyo (the Kanto area, generally speaking), people stand on the left side of the escalator, however, in Oaska (the Kansai area), most tend to stand on the right side of the escalator.(33 words)

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Have your point card ready images

Have your point card ready

If you happen to have a point card, rebate ticket or coupon for the particular shop, get it out in advance because you won't have time to look for it when you reach the cashier.(35 words)

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How do I have fun taking purikura booth photos? images

How do I have fun taking purikura booth photos?

The word "purikura" is shorthand for "print club" (purinto kurabu)." It refers to photo stickers that can be purchased in a photo booth. People enter a purikura booth (akin to machines that take passport photos), pop in a coin, get their photo taken against decorative and playful backgrounds, and …(95 words)

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"Hajimemashite" images


When you meet Japanese people, you can say "Hajimemashite", meaning "Nice to meet you."Even though you cannot speak Japanese well, that words will give Japanese people a sense of familiarity.(31 words)

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No one set server/waiter! images

No one set server/waiter!

In contrast to Western tradition, in Japan, you do not have one set server for your table. If it is a small restaurant, you will only have a waiter or two serving food. However, in a big restaurant, you will have a waiter taking you to the table and another one asking you what you would like to dri…(104 words)

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You can eat and drink in some trains! images

You can eat and drink in some trains!

Shinkansen is OK. Romance Car is OK.Basically, you can eat and drink sitting in box seats, but there are some exception ; Yurikamome is not suitable.Commuter trains are not suitable.When you find a vendor selling Obento by a cargo in train, definitely you can eat there. You need t…(55 words)

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Moo Moo

another use of O-shibori! images

another use of O-shibori!

Most of Japanese male would wipe his face before his hands!It may not be a good manner, but we do. We feel no stranger on you when finding you do so. It is also useful when you spilt over your drink on a table!(45 words)

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Moo Moo