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Japanese Kōban – Police Boxes for Safety and Help 24/7 images

Japanese Kōban – Police Boxes for Safety and Help 24/7

As you know, Japan is known as the safest country in the world and I believe Kōban (small neighborhood police stations) all over Japan play an important role in our safe society. Police officers stationed at kōban serve several roles:1) Crime and accident reports : When property crimes …(280 words)

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Japanese Etiquette and Queue Lines images

Japanese Etiquette and Queue Lines

Although it isn’t like someone will yell at you if you don’t follow them, there are certain rules that people follow in general on train. First of all, people rarely make phone calls on trains. If it is an emergency, you should stand up from your seat and go near the door where there are less peopl…(184 words)

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Preserved alpha rice images

Preserved alpha rice

Have you ever heard of preserved alpha rice? It is packed in pouch and very useful for disaster cases. Even without gas or electricity, it can be cooked with hot water or water! We joined the children's outdoor event the other day and one of the NPO groups was demonstrating how to cook preseved…(165 words)

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Safety in Japan images

Safety in Japan

I have heard from some of my foreigner friends that in some countries, people would rather avoid getting involve with the police than seek justice for a small problem. In Japan, you don't have to worry about the police taking advantage of you. Although they can be a hassle at times do the the amoun…(281 words)

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