Green soybeans枝豆[ Edamame ]

Edamame (枝豆) /ˌɛdəˈmɑːmeɪ/ or edamame bean is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod, found in the cuisine of Taiwan, China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea and Hawaii. The pods are boiled or steamed and served with salt.

from Edamame (Wikipedia) CC BY SA 3.0

Advice about Edamame (Green soybeans)

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How to cook edamame at home images

How to cook edamame at home

Edamame is a delightful vegetable commonly served at Japanese Izakaya and sushi restaurants as a meal starter. Also, we can also cook them easily at home when you want some finger food to dinner during summer. Although it's very easy and simple, how to cook edamame is very important since it makes …(191 words)

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Japan’s Farmers Markets images

Japan’s Farmers Markets

Since the onset of the notion of people bringing their consumable goods together in one area for others to sample, enjoy, and obtain, they were unknowingly creating the concept of markets as we know them today. What might come to mind when I say the word market are smartly lined shelves, refrigerat…(321 words)

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Non-seafood Dishes at Sushi Restaurants images

Non-seafood Dishes at Sushi Restaurants

My family loves "kaiten-zushi" (the sushi on the conveyor belts) and we go somewhat frequently. When I first arrived in Japan, the choices on offer at most restaurants was almost exclusively seafood-based. However, a multitude of choices are available these days.As for non-seafood sushi, you …(182 words)

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Andrea Miyata

Tenpura ryori, Yasai Tendon, Yasai Itame (sauteed veg), Yasai Yakisoba (veg noodles) and many other veg options can be tried out images

Tenpura ryori, Yasai Tendon, Yasai Itame (sauteed veg), Yasai Yakisoba (veg noodles) and many other veg options can be tried out

Tenpura Ryori - Tenpura is a Japanese dish which is fried in a batter. Vegetable (yasai) Tenpura would be vegetables dipped in the batter and then fried. They are assorted vegetables and then as a side dish rice or miso is given with it in a full meal. Yasai Tendon - Basically a bowl of rice wit…(342 words)

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Hanami: Do it like the Japanese images

Hanami: Do it like the Japanese

This is the check list of things that you absolutely need stricto minima to do your Hanami party like the Japanese! If you have the following kit, you will look like the real part! - blue plastic sheet: to use as a carpet. You can use one with Hello Kitty or Pikatchu but blue will do it. …(210 words)

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Natsu Matsuri images

Natsu Matsuri

I miss Japanese summer except for that humidity :) Song of crickets and cicadas, sound of wind-bell and baseball games on TV. Sit on tatami floor and have cold beer with edamame... I love them! You can't miss Omatsuri in summer, too! It is like a farmer's market with more activities. Please enj…(54 words)

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Soumen images


I am not sure this quite qualifies as a "power food" but I love cold soumen noodles dipped in a chilled "tsuyu" soup when its hot outside. The salty/sour soup is great when you have been sweating all day! Order a portion of edamame or soy beans in the pod with it for some real nutrition-and wash do…(64 words)

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