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The 33rd Asakusa Samba Carnival images

The 33rd Asakusa Samba Carnival

Asakusa Samba Carnival was started in 1981 to remind that Asakusa is an entertainment district. Today was the 33rd event. Usually the last Saturday of August is the day. The parade starts from Umamichi Street near Nitenmon Gate and ends at the intersection of Kaminarimon Street and Kokusai Street. …(202 words)

Keiko, OTT image

Keiko, OTT

Dance Like Fools images

Dance Like Fools

Awaodori is a dance that is performed in summer festivals throughout Japan, but originating in Tokushima Prefecture in the southwestern island of Shikoku. Shikoku is one of the four main islands of Japan, but the one that is often forgotten, because it does not have a major city like Fukuoka or Na…(778 words)

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I'm Punched images

I'm Punched

At a recent bonenkai (year-end party), one of the entertainers was Neko Punch. Neko Punch is a band, led by singer/songwriter Leanne and producer/bass player Macc. Later, the duo was joined by dancer, Pinky. The group formed, apparently, in London in the summer of 2012, but has recently caught sto…(291 words)

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Yosakoi Dance Festival in Kochi City is one of the most exciting events you can experence! images

Yosakoi Dance Festival in Kochi City is one of the most exciting events you can experence!

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Kochi Prefecture you must try to coincide with the Yosakoi Summer Dance Festival which is held on the second weekend in August. This dance festival first started in 1954 and has spread to over 200 places in Japan, as well as in 33 countries and regions aroun…(407 words)

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Let a Lion Bite Your Head (for Good Luck) images

Let a Lion Bite Your Head (for Good Luck)

If you could use a little more good luck, let a lion help you. Lions protect many shrines and temples in Japan. The dance of the lion dispels evil and calls in good luck. For an extra dose of good luck put your head in the lion's mouth and let it bite you.This is the lion dance, shishi-mai, at Kame…(250 words)

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Dances with Demons images

Dances with Demons

One doesn't have to look far to see how pervasive dance is in Japan. Nearly every pop group has an intricate dance routine to accompany their performances. There are studios which teach everything from belly dance to hula to salsa, and festivals, particularly in summer, feature popular folk dances …(525 words)

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Harajuku on Sunday images

Harajuku on Sunday

Harajuku and Yoyogi Park on a Sunday. The Rockabilly Dancers dance to their own beat and it very fun watching them have fun dancing. They play a variety of 50's style Rockabilly style music, both Western and Japanese. They dance so much on the asphalt that they literally wear the soles of their …(155 words)

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Celestial Geisha: A Perfect Performance images

Celestial Geisha: A Perfect Performance

Yes, you may not realize it, but not only is there a history of geisha in Tokyo, but there are quite a few places where there are active geisha communities, including Kagurazaka, Asakusa, Shinbashi/Ginza, and Hachioji. There are, of course, Hatobus and other tours that offer geisha shows, but it se…(1873 words)

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InterFM: "Funk 'n' Stuff" with DJ Marvin live from Tokyo & Nagoya images

InterFM: "Funk 'n' Stuff" with DJ Marvin live from Tokyo & Nagoya

A message to all the funk-a-teers of the world. From Motown to To-Town now to yo town via Interfm; I wanna say “hello” and “how do ya do” to all the folks out there • keeping it real • living ya life day by day • trying to stay above ground • keeping ya noses above the water • making and creating p…(259 words)

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Yoshidamachi-ju Beer Garden Block Party images

Yoshidamachi-ju Beer Garden Block Party

I mentioned one of Yokohama's summer highlights in my last post: Yokohama Fireworks Show: Sparkling Twilight 2014's another - BEER GARDEN BLOCK PARTY!What started off as an attempt to bring Yoshidamachi's old-school neighborhood businesses together h…(153 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Enjoy Autumn in Asakusa images

Enjoy Autumn in Asakusa

Asakusa Touroue is held from September 13 through 27. Many Tourou (lanterns) light up the alleys in Sensoji. Visit at night. You can see a dance by Geisha at Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center on Saturdays (see below). The tickets will be available at the Center from 10:00 each day on a fir…(161 words)

Keiko, OTT image

Keiko, OTT

Shinjuku Awaodori Restaurant images

Shinjuku Awaodori Restaurant

There are many restaurants; there are not as many restaurant experiences. Some might say that any restaurant whose primary draw is not the food should not exist; I beg to differ, as the food of some localities is best experienced as a part of its culture. Awaodori is the cultural heritage of Tokush…(273 words)

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Staying in Kusatsu images

Staying in Kusatsu

“Irrashaimase!” They were expecting us? We were surprised to see that the two greeters at Hotel Sakurai seemed to be expecting us. At least they didn’t look surprised to see not 1, but 2, foreigners pull up in their car. As they guided us to our parking space and to the main hotel lobby o…(228 words)

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