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Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant, Ryusenkaku in Yokohama Chinatown images

Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant, Ryusenkaku in Yokohama Chinatown

Ryusenkaku is a very popular restaurant which local workers in Chinatown visit repeatly. It's a tiny restaurant, but their food is undoubtedly good. Fresh, hot and well cooked. Especially, their fried noodle with various vegetables, seafood, and meat is fabulous. It's elaborately prepared food with…(183 words)

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Molecular Gastronomy at Mandarin Oriental images

Molecular Gastronomy at Mandarin Oriental

For those who have never been to Japan before, when someone mentions the island nation, many preconceived perceptions may come to mind. Stories of a land that is technologically advanced and driven filled with striking trends and exotic fare are what often come to mind. This perception is also like…(278 words)

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Yokohama's Best BBQ and Beer images

Yokohama's Best BBQ and Beer

Bashamichi Taproom is now celebrating their 4th year of serving locals and guests some of the most amazing authentic American-style barbecue and first rate craft beer. The restaurant, located in an area filled with jazz bars, coffee shops, and an exciting night life, has three floors, and is actual…(215 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

Shimokitazawa Area Restaurants #3 Pizzeria LaBefena images

Shimokitazawa Area Restaurants #3 Pizzeria LaBefena

From the outside of Pizzeria LaBefena it would be understandable if you saw it as no more than any other small one man operation selling Italian~Japanese style catering to the taste of the local market. but once you take a few steps to the door you enter into a restaurant where you know immediately…(495 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Unknown but, worth visiting area, Lake Hamana images

Unknown but, worth visiting area, Lake Hamana

Those of you who have an experience of taking Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka or Kyoto probably noticed Shinkansen passes over the lake after one and a half hour ride.The lake is called Hamana and is 10th largest lake in Japan.It used be a fresh water lake nearby Pacific Ocean but, the bank that…(97 words)

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Mario i Sentieri images

Mario i Sentieri

This restaurant's name "Mario i Sentieri" means "Mario's Paths" in English, as chef Mario says he wants his patrons to see their time at his restaurant as an experience, and it was clearly the best restaurant dining experience of my life so far.The lighting is dim enough to be relaxing and roma…(421 words)

Laurier Tiernan image

Laurier Tiernan

Prefectural “Antenna shops” in Tokyo images

Prefectural “Antenna shops” in Tokyo

Specialties shops called “Antenna shops” in Japanese sell local foods and goods of different prefectures or cities in Japan in order to introduce their special products and promote tourism. The variety of items at the shops include seasonings, fresh vegetables and fruits, sake, rice, noodles, hand…(181 words)

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Wagyu at Ginza Aster images

Wagyu at Ginza Aster

I had the pleasure of having a great meal at Aster Ginza recently. When speaking with the very friendly and helpful staff, the topic of where and how they source their products came up. The staff member explained that typically they go out of their way to use locally sourced products as much as pos…(254 words)

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Japan offers you a "Retreat of the Heart" images

Japan offers you a "Retreat of the Heart"

I read recently about how it is very important to be able to retreat within yourself. Are you able to do that? Do you find peace and calm for retrospection as you walk around, take care of daily tasks or ride a bus?If you are like me, I bet a lot of the time, you are kind of on alert. One of my…(637 words)


Meal of sumo wrestlers images

Meal of sumo wrestlers

All over the world, sumo wrestlers are famous.So the question for you.Do you draw a cuisine that sumo wrestlers eat in the picture?You can see if you go to the RYOUGOKU-city in Tokyo.Sumo Wrestler of the meal, says that even "Chanko" in any dish.When you visit a sumo stable, iro…(134 words)

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Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef images

Conversation with Ginza Aster Grand Chef

The other day I had the pleasure to interview Minakawa san, the Grand Chef of Ginza Aster. He is a genuinely all round nice guy and it was a great insight to speak to someone in his position. We spoke about various aspects of his time at Aster Ginza, their concept and what he does specifically. H…(273 words)

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IvanRamen images


This store is famous for a cook. The famous cook of French cuisine or the Italian cuisine is making ramen noodles. He is a foreigner. His name is Ivan. It is not also bean paste, soy sauce, or salt. It is a new taste. It is very famous in Japan. Ivan Ramen3-24-7Minamikarasuyama,Se…(80 words)

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"Gakuensai" or the fair is usually held on autumn season. images

"Gakuensai" or the fair is usually held on autumn season.

Each university fair has its own unique feature and the event generally lasts three to four days. "Gaigosai" is hosted by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Fair Committee. There will be theater performances conducted in various languages. Students from each language department will take part in…(126 words)

Hatha Yoga Lover image

Hatha Yoga Lover

Maruzen in Marunouchi images

Maruzen in Marunouchi

Maruzen is one of the big bookstore chain with Kinokuniya.The one in Marunouchi is in Oazo building, 20 meters away from Tokyo station Marunouchi North exit. They have everything you would want: all kind of literature, and also a huge collection of art and science, including economics and b…(103 words)

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