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Licensed To Drive..Finally!! images

Licensed To Drive..Finally!!

This article was originally published on my blog site on January 2008. Please come and visit to see more about my experiences in living and working in Japan.About 6 years ago I attempted to get a Japanese drivers license, since I was still driving with an internati…(4721 words)

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Camping at Lake Motosuko near Mt. Fuji images

Camping at Lake Motosuko near Mt. Fuji

Ask five campers what they want out of a camping experience and you're likely to get at least three different ideas. This review is for those who like to drive to a camp area, set up a tent and have amenities such as a place to wash your dishes, shower, buy fire wood and other useful supplies on on…(251 words)

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Buying a Used or New Car in Tokyo japan images

Buying a Used or New Car in Tokyo japan

When arriving in Tokyo or other areas of japan you may be wanting to buy a used car. Be ready for the advertised price not to be the final price. Depending on the length of registration, taxes, dealer fees etc there could be as much as 400,000 yen extra on top of the listed price to get the car …(246 words)

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Mick Lay