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Transportation from Narita Airport to Tokyo/Yokohama images

Transportation from Narita Airport to Tokyo/Yokohama

I just returned to Japan today and arrived in Narita airport terminal 1 via Delta Airlines. I’ve done this so many times but noticed so many visitors are wondering around with such a lost look that I’ve decided to write this article. Once you arrive in Tokyo Narita airport, you have several choic…(828 words)

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Road Trip Diaries #2: Nakaizu Hills Winery (In vino, veritas) images

Road Trip Diaries #2: Nakaizu Hills Winery (In vino, veritas)

Many people think of France, Spain, Italy, California or, more recently, Australia and Chile, when thinking about wine, and Japan is often thought of as a place where you make Japanese sake or beer. But, did you know that Japan has a winery in the Nakaizu area of Shizuoka prefecture? Nakaizu Wi…(907 words)

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Hamamatsu City, Japan: Birthplace of the Big Corporation, Yamaha images

Hamamatsu City, Japan: Birthplace of the Big Corporation, Yamaha

I often wondered about Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture as I watched it slip by during my bullet train rides from Tokyo to Osaka. A very good friend of mine is from Hamamatsu and would tell me about his father’s company. He himself towered over most Japanese men at just under six feet tall and…(873 words)


Tokyo Skytree Changing the City's Landscape images

Tokyo Skytree Changing the City's Landscape

Tokyo Skytree has changed the landscape of Tokyo. The tall tower is overlooking everything else in Tokyo. From the park along Sumida river in Asakusa you have a good view of Skytree and it is a popular spot for visitors to take pictures. Another spot for Skytree pictures is the Tourist Center in As…(299 words)

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Lights, Camera, Attraction! images

Lights, Camera, Attraction!

There's no shortage of holiday blessings in Japan. Not being a Christian nation has never stopped Japan from adopting this holiday as its own. And while Christmas caroling has not yet become a holiday pastime, it has joyously adopted the tradition of celebrating Christ's birthday with a cake, alb…(763 words)

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Anime Genius in Japan: Sin-San images

Anime Genius in Japan: Sin-San

We call him “Master” and that honorific describes him to a “T”. The owner at a restaurant in Japan is often referred to as “Master” or in Japanese pronunciation “Masuta—“. Senpai Hint! When you are at a loss for how to address the guy in charge at a restaurant or bar in Japan, feel free to use …(803 words)


Party in the 2.5th Dimension! images

Party in the 2.5th Dimension!

Somewhere between the real and virtual is a strange and exciting dimension that is absurdly geeky and gorgeous. On the one hand, there is an abundance of beautiful women, powerful cars and motorcycles, and tasty food. On the other, there are a panoply of geeky and nerdy otaku, as well as fun-seek…(761 words)

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Ushimado Olive Garden images

Ushimado Olive Garden

When you think of Japan olives might not be the first thing that comes to mind but in fact they are widely produced in the south western part of the country. The Olive Garden in Ushimado, Setouchi City, Okayama, has the largest olive tree orchard in Japan. After World War II, many Japanese comp…(304 words)

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Find your inner zen in Kanazawa images

Find your inner zen in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is one of these romantic treasures that have survived time. If you visit the Higashi Chaya district, you will find old tea houses and dream of geishas. Kenrokuen, a Unesco world heritage place, looks great and precisely the typical Japanese garden that you fancy. It is beautiful and it fee…(516 words)

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A little bit of Kyushu in Tokyo images

A little bit of Kyushu in Tokyo

While a visit to Kyushu Japan’s southern archipelago is highly recommended, the 1,000 Km trip from Tokyo often means short-term Japan travelers and even long-term foreign residents don’t travel there or get there often enough. Fortunately, we can get a taste of Kyushu right here in Tokyo for a reas…(223 words)

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Home Sweet Home Revisted: Hotel Style images

Home Sweet Home Revisted: Hotel Style

Are you looking for a quaint yet classy place to stay in the middle of downtown, Tokyo? Do you want a touch of Japanese traditional with hints of Western modern? Look no further, Hotel & Residence Roppongi is the place for you.This was my second time to stay at H&R Roppongi. I wrote about my fi…(624 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

SKY HOP BUS images


SKY HOP BUS is a sightseeing bus you can freely hop on and hop off as much as you want within the validity period of your ticket. The ticket is available in 1 Day or 2 Day Pass. There are three tour routes; Asakusa-TOKYO SKYTREE course, Odaiba course, and Roppongi-Tokyo Tower course. You can hop on…(202 words)

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Much Ado About and Much Surprise From Japan's Jungle Crows (Karasu) images

Much Ado About and Much Surprise From Japan's Jungle Crows (Karasu)

To me, the end of “Black Swan” with the maniacal red eyes and aggressive spins, did not remotely conjure an image of “swan”. After 29 years in Japan, that spinning, velvety spray of feather was nothing other than the huge black crows I see pondering my neighborhood garbage collection area each Satu…(1247 words)


Hotels around Fukuoka images

Hotels around Fukuoka

About Fukuoka Toei HotelFrom the Fukuoka Toei Hotel, guests can get to the Hakata area which is located in the heart of Fukuoka, in 10 minutes by bus, and Tenjin, a popular sightseeing area in Fukuoka, in about 10 minutes on foot.Guests can also get to both the Fukuoka Port and Hakata Inter…(92 words)

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View from my office, abandoned castle ruin of 11th century images

View from my office, abandoned castle ruin of 11th century

There is a small hill in front of my office and at the base of the hill, I can see old monument by the road that nobody notices. Writing in the monument is hard to read due to wear and tear except the name of the place that says "Ruin of Shidu Castle". There used to be a small castle on top o…(143 words)

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Prefectural “Antenna shops” in Tokyo images

Prefectural “Antenna shops” in Tokyo

Specialties shops called “Antenna shops” in Japanese sell local foods and goods of different prefectures or cities in Japan in order to introduce their special products and promote tourism. The variety of items at the shops include seasonings, fresh vegetables and fruits, sake, rice, noodles, hand…(181 words)

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That is the charm of Ikebukuro. The place called Rosa. images

That is the charm of Ikebukuro. The place called Rosa.

Do you know the Japanese drama "Ikebukuro West Gate Park"?There is a park that became famous for its drama.Around that, there is an Asian restaurant called Murray Chang,There is a pasta restaurant called Giyottone.You can eat in about 1000 yen lunch.Cheap and delicious restaurant …(116 words)

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Nagareyama and the Shinsengumi images

Nagareyama and the Shinsengumi

The Shinsengumi were a group of swordsmen established by the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1863. Formed as a special police force to maintain order in the streets of Kyoto, the group later fought for the shogunate against the Meiji government's anti-shogunate forces. They were originally known as the Roshi…(479 words)



Meeting someone in Shinjuku images

Meeting someone in Shinjuku

The most popular meeting spot in Shinjuku tends to be in front of the Studio Alta building. The building is close to the station and is convenient to shopping and nightlife on the east side of the station. But if you are either coming from the west side, or meeting someone staying at any of the m…(125 words)

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Futsal in Shibuya images

Futsal in Shibuya

There are several good futsal courts in Tokyo. Due to lack of land in the city center the ones with best access are often found on rooftops. One of the more spectacular options is Adidas' court on top of the Tokyu building right at Shibuya station, perfect for a breezy late night summer activity. S…(105 words)

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TOFU is the way to go! images

TOFU is the way to go!

As a person who hardly eats any meat, I always look for restaurants with meals for vegetarians. Some of my favorite restaurants are tofu-specific restaurants. Tofu is an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. My favorite restaurant is "Ume-no-hana" in Sky Building in Yokohama Station. I love …(155 words)

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Once a year images

Once a year

There is an "open market" (late October?) for those interested in purchasing a Japanese sword at a building right near the Atago Police Station {across from Japanese Red Cross headquarters}; I don't recall the exact building name [Nihon Token Club Building? Token means "sword & stuff" in Japanese, …(117 words)

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Parking overview images

Parking overview

#1 is do not park on the street unless it's a clearly marked spot.It's important to know that parking violations mean points on one's driver's license like a speeding ticket, etc. The fine is typically around 15,000 yen also. There are probably arcane ways to fight this ("It wasn't me driving."),…(735 words)

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Tokyo Station images

Tokyo Station

You can find a wide variety of souvenirs, mostly foods and lifestyle goods, at shops and department stores inside or near Tokyo Station. If you don't have time to go outside of the station, try "e-cute". They have nicely designed boxes of snacks and foods. some…(106 words)

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rent a bicycle to cover the wider yokohama images

rent a bicycle to cover the wider yokohama

I have tried both, walk or cycle, and found that cycling is fun in Yokohama. One can cover all the lanes/streets by bicycle easily within a day, enjoying the elegant building structure and discover the old and new Yokohama. If you stay at Balian resorts, they have bicycles (free) standby for their…(57 words)

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Rent prices images

Rent prices

If leasing commercial space in Tokyo the most expensive areas are Marunouchi for office space - Marunouchi Building is approximately JPY60,000/tsubo per month. Retail space is Ginza and Omotesando - prime 1st floor space in these areas is up to JPY250,000/tsubo per month.* 1 tsubo = 3.301 sq…(50 words)

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Have a trip of Tokyo. images

Have a trip of Tokyo.

I suggest you to go to the Tokyo Tower. It is the sign of Tokyo. And the building of Plice Station Of Tokyo, because it is always come out in lots of Japanese program.(34 words)

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Here are 3 very important risk reduction advices when Tornado occure images

Here are 3 very important risk reduction advices when Tornado occure

* On September 2, 2013, a tornado caused extensive damage in a total 19km area from Saitama, Chiba and Ibaragi Prefecture just north of Tokyo. To be honest, I had no idea a tornado could be powerful enough to blow off a house….I cannot help but call for your attention after I went to the damaged re…(281 words)

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Music games are hot images

Music games are hot

Music game is one of the newest otaku hobbies. Every game centers install music game machines usually called Oto-ge. It is popular widely among all ages. You can play not only in game centers but also at home. A lot of people play it with their phone.Actually old otaku hobbies are also still po…(67 words)

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mosquito repellent incense images

mosquito repellent incense

The Japanese name is KATORI-SENKOI am living on the 39th floor of a building and there is not much mosquito there up my place. I think it is because there is no tree so high. The only one we found climbed up with the elevators.But the smell of katori senko is so nice and so reminiscent …(115 words)

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Maruzen in Marunouchi images

Maruzen in Marunouchi

Maruzen is one of the big bookstore chain with Kinokuniya.The one in Marunouchi is in Oazo building, 20 meters away from Tokyo station Marunouchi North exit. They have everything you would want: all kind of literature, and also a huge collection of art and science, including economics and b…(103 words)

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