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Jazz Music Sounds Abound in Yokohama images

Jazz Music Sounds Abound in Yokohama

Yokohama is no stranger to jazz. In fact, Yokohama is regarded as the jazz capital of Japan. The Kannai area is especially known for its abundance of live jazz clubs and jazz events. Perhaps the biggest and most popular of them is Kamome - in the Bashamichi area.Owner Sasaki Motoyoshi opened Ka…(333 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

More important words than fortune. Words needed in the tavern images

More important words than fortune. Words needed in the tavern

If you come to Tokyo, do you want to enter the tavern, “I-ZAKA-YA”?Only beer and sake.Table is also small.There is what you need to go to the I-ZAKA-YA of Japan.It is the word "TORI-AEZU- BI-I-RU!" and "O-KAI-K!".If you do not use these two words,You also not be eat cuisine foreve…(143 words)

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Monja Town images

Monja Town

If you want an Tokyo "Shitamachi" experience, go to Monja Town near Tsukishima Station on the Yurakucho Line. You will find over 200 small shops that serve a Tokyo specific culinary wonder: monja. It is a delicious mix of vegetables and meats cooked on a hot table. Now a meal with beer, monja used …(71 words)

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Sakura images


With the spring comes sakura, the cherry blossoms, and with the sakura comes seasonal sakura-flavoured food and drinks: ice cream, chocolate, beer, tea, salt, frappuccino, you name it. Give them a try!(32 words)

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Ping Pong and beer images

Ping Pong and beer

Table tennis is quite often played at leisure while drinking, much like billiards and darts. EST Shibuya Takkyuu Club is located close to Shibuya station on the 9th floor of an entertainment center. Open until 4:30AM (Mon-Thu) and 5:30AM (Fri-Sun) it makes for a fun hide-out if you have missed the …(72 words)

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Rich and hoppy images

Rich and hoppy

Japanese beer tends to have a richer taste than beer in the USA. Recently dark brew and beer with a strong flavor of hops have been produced by the major Japanese brands.(32 words)

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Japanese Professional Baseball images

Japanese Professional Baseball

I recommend to visit professional baseball park in Japan. Japanese baseball is different from American's in terms of power or stringency but techniques but it is really interesting anyway. There are 12 professional baseball teams in Japan thtoughout Japan. In Tokyo (Kanto) area, there are five prof…(112 words)

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Did someone say unagi! images

Did someone say unagi!

When I first came to Japan, I didn't expect the summers to be as long and as torturous as they are. Hot temperatures both highs and lows, day after day and month after month. Knowing the right drinks for a hot and sticky summer night is easy: beer! Food on the other hand is more difficult. But …(182 words)

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Soumen images


I am not sure this quite qualifies as a "power food" but I love cold soumen noodles dipped in a chilled "tsuyu" soup when its hot outside. The salty/sour soup is great when you have been sweating all day! Order a portion of edamame or soy beans in the pod with it for some real nutrition-and wash do…(64 words)

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Tokyo Ale : Made By Tokyo Brewing Company images

Tokyo Ale : Made By Tokyo Brewing Company

Tokyo original craft beer company. You can buy their beer selections at Tokyo Brewing Company in Takanawa, Minato-ku. Or you can taste their ranges at the venue in Roppongi called, "Super Deluxe" recommendation is "soba ale" :) Soothing and…(49 words)

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Japanese craft beers: Swan Lake, Aqula and Outsider images

Japanese craft beers: Swan Lake, Aqula and Outsider

Swan Lake, based in Niigata has a range of genuinely good beers, which have won awards. The brewery is well worth a visit and there is a bar called Bar Pub Edo, the Yaesu side of Tokyo station devoted to Swan Lake.Aqula from Akita; I have never had a bad beer from there.A particular favouri…(99 words)

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Party because of marketing efforts images

Party because of marketing efforts

High ball is a drink mainly consisting of whisky and soda mostly served in rather tall and big glass. In Japanese market, consumption of hard liquor, like whisky have been on the constant decline over the last couple of decades while beer and Chu-hi have been continuously gaining popularity. In ord…(136 words)

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Nomihoudai are economical and great if you are in groups.. images

Nomihoudai are economical and great if you are in groups..

Normally Nomihodai are timebound. It is for 60 min or 90 min or 120 min etc and this is told /decided initially when you enter the shop. There are set of drinks which you can have as much as you like in these 60 or 120 min. Drinks not included in this list have to be purchased separately at norma…(192 words)

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