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Experience the Roaring Excitement of a Japanese Baseball Game images

Experience the Roaring Excitement of a Japanese Baseball Game

The aspect of Japanese baseball I enjoy the most is the cheering. Unlike at a game in the States where the crowd only gets loud when a team is close to scoring or something exciting happens, a game in Japan consists of constant cheering. When one team is on the offence, the fans of the team in the …(196 words)

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Small Baseball images

Small Baseball

A key point that differentiates Japanese baseball from baseball in the States is the style called small baseball. In small baseball, teams tend to score points through consecutive hits rather than hitting large home-runs. Although home-runs are a more elaborate, and perhaps more exciting, way to sc…(319 words)

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An Exciting Evening of Baseball at Yokohama Stadium in Japan images

An Exciting Evening of Baseball at Yokohama Stadium in Japan

With the commencement of the interleague baseball season, I got to go and watch the Softbank Hawks from the Pacific league challenge the Yokohama DeNA Baystars at their home stadium in Yokohama last week. While I’ve seen baseball games at many of the stadiums in Japan, I find a unique friendly char…(354 words)

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PLAY BALL! Baseball in Japan images

PLAY BALL! Baseball in Japan

Certain things go with Japan in summer: fireworks, matsuri (festivals), cold beer on a rooftop and, of course, baseball. Between the months of April through October, you can flip through TV channels and, somewhere, odds are better than even that a game will be shown somewhere. Known as Yakyu (野…(586 words)

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Hell of gatekeeper, "Enma the Great" Legend of Japan. images

Hell of gatekeeper, "Enma the Great" Legend of Japan.

There is a big baseball stadium in Tokyo.It is called the "BIG EGG", it has been popular.Because very visible to a large egg.The town side of the big egg,Hell of gatekeeper, "Enma the Great" There are in the shrine."Enma the Great" is God.It is God, dead people meet for the first…(157 words)

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How to Get Tickets for a Japanese Baseball Game images

How to Get Tickets for a Japanese Baseball Game

Being a baseball fanatic, a convenient service I use often at convenience stores is the ticket machines. Using these machines, you can easily purchase any kind of ticket you want. Any of the major combinis (Seven-Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, and Sankus) will have a ticket machine and they have Engl…(80 words)

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Seagull Girls images

Seagull Girls

The Tokyo American football team, the Seagulls, play regular games at the famous Tokyo Dome. Always accompanying the team is the lively and cute cheersquad. Cheer leading is actually quite popular among young girls in Japan, and despite the fact that cheer is something that kind of developed from a…(173 words)

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An integral part of Japanese sports games images

An integral part of Japanese sports games

Ouendan is an important part of the sports culture in Japan. When you go to Japanese baseball, soccer and other sports games, the Ouendan lead the cheers so that the supporters can follow them. Although most of them are at the front of the stadium (near the sport players), there are several others …(144 words)

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Natsu Matsuri images

Natsu Matsuri

I miss Japanese summer except for that humidity :) Song of crickets and cicadas, sound of wind-bell and baseball games on TV. Sit on tatami floor and have cold beer with edamame... I love them! You can't miss Omatsuri in summer, too! It is like a farmer's market with more activities. Please enj…(54 words)

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Baseball Ouendan images

Baseball Ouendan

At baseball games in Japan, the outfield bleachers are used for the ouendan, which is the cheering section for each team (typically right field for the home team and left field for the visiting team). The ouendan will have trumpets, drums, giant flags, and thousands of fans chanting, singing, jumpi…(113 words)

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Tokyo Jogging Routes images

Tokyo Jogging Routes

I love running around the Jingu-Gaien Loop (1.3 km) that circles around the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, baseball fields, and soccer fields. The loop is wide enough that it never becomes too crowded. I also really enjoy running through Yoyogi Park. The park is large enough that you can run on …(69 words)

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Japanese Professional Baseball images

Japanese Professional Baseball

I recommend to visit professional baseball park in Japan. Japanese baseball is different from American's in terms of power or stringency but techniques but it is really interesting anyway. There are 12 professional baseball teams in Japan thtoughout Japan. In Tokyo (Kanto) area, there are five prof…(112 words)

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