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Football season has officially begun. If catching up on the latest scores online, or watching games on cable television aren't enough to satisfy your fix there is good news. It is possible to watch live games here in Japan. "Live" as in, actually being able to attend games in person. "Football?…(345 words)

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Cute Japanese Cheerleaders part of Japan's semi-professional league, X League images

Cute Japanese Cheerleaders part of Japan's semi-professional league, X League

I actually used to cheer for the semi-pro X league back in the day. This was when it was kind of a group of companies that sponsored teams. Now, the sponsors are still there but the whole thing is much better organized (called the X League) and the games and competition are really exciting. From wh…(145 words)


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Seagull Girls

The Tokyo American football team, the Seagulls, play regular games at the famous Tokyo Dome. Always accompanying the team is the lively and cute cheersquad. Cheer leading is actually quite popular among young girls in Japan, and despite the fact that cheer is something that kind of developed from a…(173 words)

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Actually Pretty Popular!

Although I wouldn't list American football down as one of the most popular sports in Japan, it is popular to some extent. There is not real professional American football league. There are two leagues, the university league and the businessmen's league. The champion university team competes with th…(185 words)

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