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after ambulance arrives... images

after ambulance arrives...

Getting the ambulance to come is just the first step. One is far from out of the woods once they arrive. It may be good to know what happens then as it is probably different than your home country. As I am from the U.S., where ambulances are generally very sophisticated, that is my orientation.…(426 words)

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Call 119! images

Call 119!

In Japan, the emergency phone number is 119. Ambulances are free in Japan, so don't hesitate to call for one if the there is a significant emergency. If you do not speak Japanese, it is best to ask a Japanese person nearby to explain the situation to the operator for best results.(51 words)

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call 119 ! images

call 119 !

If you need to call ambulance in Japan remember you dial 119.You can call from your mobile but you need to explain where you are.The Japanese government recommend try to call from public pay phone.If you can't find pay phone near by, try to explain where is the landmark near you or go to the …(75 words)

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