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Hocchi image Hocchi Japan 36 years in Japan

I love meeting new people, so I would like to exchange and exchange information with foreign visitors!

I am looking forward to seeing you on Enoshima is my favorite.

Japanese local railroad images

Japanese local railroad

This train exists in Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa.It's possible to go from Ofuna to Enoshima in 13.5 minutes.The feature is the train of a hung style which is also few in Japan.When I take this train which runs in the town, it seems to be a roller coaster.ENODEN which can see a sea in Kamak…(88 words)

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Japan Train Kamakura Japanese Sea style Kanagawa Mountain Enoshima Island Enoden
Island Coffee to Lighten Your Heart images

Island Coffee to Lighten Your Heart

I currently work on Enoshima, a small offshore island home to some of the closest sandy beaches to Tokyo and Yokohama and run a café inside Enoshima Island Spa. Enoshima island is a popular destination for both international tourists and Japanese residents. There is a lot to see around the isla…(317 words)

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Coffee Enoshima Island Cafe