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I was born in Tokyo. I often meet tourists because of my business. Many tourists belive that there are many Free WiFi Spots in Japan.
The reality is very different.

I introduce solution this and the network situation in Japan.

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Japanese Famous Snacks

Do you know Japanese snacks?You can find many kind of snacks easily at convenience stores and supermarkets.You will hesitate what to buy.So I will recommend snacks that you must eat when you come to Japan.Every Japanese will say "Umaibo is the most famous snack in Japan".There is no one w…(253 words)

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Snacks Convenience store Bar Pizza Shopping Umaibo supermarket
Quick Review of Pocket WiFi Rental, an essential for tourists images

Quick Review of Pocket WiFi Rental, an essential for tourists

Many tourists believe that there are many free WiFi spots in Japan.They think that they can use their smartphones and tablets can connect to an internet easily.The reality is very different.There is hardly any free wifi spot in Japan.They realize this after they come.It is impossible to…(243 words)

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