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Hello everyone,
Thank you for checking my advise on Deep Japan.

My name is Nobuya and I work at Midas Company, Ltd. as a Project Manager of Office design, relocation and/or renovation project.

Since its establishment in 1977, Midas Company, Ltd. has consistently propounded a vision of office environments that are comfortable to work in and boost employee productivity. Our approach to office design is to create corporate environments where people gather naturally. Since most employees spend most of their day in the office, that office must afford a comfortable work environment. An office should exude the unique personality and characteristics of the company as soon as one sets foot in it, motivating employees and augmenting the bottom line. An office environment capable of attracting talented people speaks volumes about the brand image of the company it represents. At Midas, we believe that an office is much more than a space. It is an integral component of a company’s business strategy. Proposing and executing dynamic and productive office environments is our ongoing mission.

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OKUTAMA Camping!!!

OKUTAMA offers easy access by train from Tokyo city center and also it is a wonderful area of natural features.For more information about Camping in Japan,THE JAPAN CAMP ASSOCIATION will be helpful.Tel: (03) 3469-0217 They can probably advise on the best camping grounds for your family. …(70 words)

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Tokyo Train City Camping