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Romantic Night Drive to Yokohama, Japan images

Romantic Night Drive to Yokohama, Japan

One of the most popular drives from Tokyo among couples is to the beautiful port city of Yokohama. The drive will only take you about 30 minutes one way and the views are spectacular. Yokohama is known to have one of the best views at night. Start in Tokyo towards Yokohama on the Shuto Expressway t…(238 words)

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Scenic Cafe in Tokyo Tower Japan images

Scenic Cafe in Tokyo Tower Japan

With the recently built 634m tall mega tower Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower has lost attention. Although it is much shorter than Sky Tree and cannot compete in terms of height, it has a better, more central location in Tokyo. The views from the tower are still undeniably beautiful. To attract more cou…(143 words)

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The romantic side of Kusatsu images

The romantic side of Kusatsu

Kusatsu is a great town for any visitor and the hot springs are outstanding. But what many miss is the romantic charm. The strolling, laid back nature of the town brings with it quality time with your loved ones. Yubatake (hot-water field) is perfect for romantic holiday photographs during the …(525 words)

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