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Tatami smells good !!! images

Tatami smells good !!!

Tatami is a very traditional floor mat, which is a symbolic item indispensable for a Japanese style room; so called "Wa-shitsu", and is also considered as an official cultural gadget necessarily used in such Japanese architectures as temples, and tea rooms besides "Wa-shitsu". For example, when yo…(606 words)

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Tatami Etiquette Kanto Kyoto Okinawa Tea Tera (Temple)
Dinner Cruises in Tokyo: Awesome Yakatabune images

Dinner Cruises in Tokyo: Awesome Yakatabune

Want to celebrate a special occasion, or experience an only-in-Japan cruise? Then look no further than the 'yakatabune'.These are the descendants of the 'pleasure boats' owned by the ancient nobility of Japan, where they held parties and other raucous events. The interior of most of these boats…(184 words)

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Tokyo Dinner Yakatabune Tempura Christmas Seafood Party Cruise Tatami
Natsu Matsuri images

Natsu Matsuri

I miss Japanese summer except for that humidity :) Song of crickets and cicadas, sound of wind-bell and baseball games on TV. Sit on tatami floor and have cold beer with edamame... I love them! You can't miss Omatsuri in summer, too! It is like a farmer's market with more activities. Please enj…(54 words)

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Summer Japanese festivals Japanese Summer Beer activities Baseball Market love Edamame (Green soybeans) Tatami