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What emus have to do with Japanese Technology images

What emus have to do with Japanese Technology

Think Japan, you'll sooner than later think technology. It's an association made around the world. It's why Akihabara remains one of the first (and last) places foreign tourists visit when they come - to take in and take advantage of the latest technology for sale.Part of the research I do for …(248 words)

Former Deep Japan Writer image

Former Deep Japan Writer

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Toyota Mega Web / Theme Park images

Toyota Mega Web / Theme Park

For all of you car enthusiasts out there, and even if you are not one, the Toyota Mega Web and self proclaimed theme park must be put on your list of things to experience while in Tokyo. Located in the middle of the Odaiba’s waterfront attractions, this exhibition offers hours of free entertainmen…(400 words)

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Buying a Used or New Car in Tokyo japan images

Buying a Used or New Car in Tokyo japan

When arriving in Tokyo or other areas of japan you may be wanting to buy a used car. Be ready for the advertised price not to be the final price. Depending on the length of registration, taxes, dealer fees etc there could be as much as 400,000 yen extra on top of the listed price to get the car …(246 words)

Mick Lay image

Mick Lay

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