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Tokyo walks: Kuramae images

Tokyo walks: Kuramae

Come to Kuramae if you like craftsmanship and things that are made well, things made by hand. And come if you like quality coffee, tea, and chocolate. This is a small neighborhood. It is residential, but sprinkled with small stores, ateliers, and a surprising number of good cafes. Kuramae i…(264 words)

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Kuramae local secret Shopping Taito craftmanship Coffee chocolate handmade Tokyo
Tenugui - Printed Textiles with Japanese Patterns images

Tenugui - Printed Textiles with Japanese Patterns

Tenugui are small pieces of cloth for everyday use. They make perfect gifts and souvenirs. Now many Japanese carry small towels in their bags, but before the more fluffy towels became popular tenugui was widely used.A tenugui is a thin piece of cloth made from cotton. It dries very quickly, is …(334 words)

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Souvenir Tenugui (Japanese towel) craftmanship Art Asakusa
NOUSAKU: Flexible ware? Great Japanese Craftmanship images

NOUSAKU: Flexible ware? Great Japanese Craftmanship

My parents' birthdays are coming up this month and I am considering to present them a special Japanese craftman art this year. Have you heard of NOUSAKU brand? I had a chance to do some research on this company at work and I would like to share about their wonderful work. It is becoming a huge hit …(395 words)

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