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Yoga Studio in the middle of Sakae images

Yoga Studio in the middle of Sakae

With a hard day of work and constantly checking our phones. It's easy to lower our priority in having time for ourself.When these short times maybe the important ones.One of the limited moments that I'm making time for my self is when I am sitting on my surfboard waiting for a wave.The …(361 words)

Yuuki I image

Yuuki I

Park City English view Nagoya July Work Surfing
Island Paradise Near Tokyo, Japan images

Island Paradise Near Tokyo, Japan

If you are interested in taking a boat ride from Tokyo, I recommend going to Niijima island, one of the Izu islands. Niijima is only 2 hours on a hydrofoil from Takeshiba boat terminal in Hamamatsucho and is very easy to get to. Tickets can be purchased online, at convenience stores, or at the term…(127 words)

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