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Yakimono: Japanese Pottery and Porcelain images

Yakimono: Japanese Pottery and Porcelain

Japanese pottery and porcelain, often referred to as 'Yakimono', is as beautiful as it is useful. It's also one of the world's oldest art forms dating back to the Neolithic period."Yakimono means fired thing. It's an important term that encompasses the entire ceramic culture of Japan," states t…(254 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

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Awa Dance Festival in Tokushima Pref. images

Awa Dance Festival in Tokushima Pref.

In Japan, we have Obon holiday in the middle of August, where we believe the spirits of ancestors will return to this world and revisit the household altars. People return to ancestral family places and we have Bon Odori (盆踊り) throughout the country. Bon Obori, meaning Bon dance is performed dur…(299 words)

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Coming soon!: Bizen Pottery Festival in Okayama images

Coming soon!: Bizen Pottery Festival in Okayama

Many fans and afficionados of Japanese culture enjoy the traditional arts, pottery being one of them. Many people are aware of beautiful Kyo-yaki from Kyoto or Kutani-yaki from Ishigawa Prefecture, but did you know that Okayama Prefecture boasts THE oldest pottery kiln in Japan?Bizen-yaki began…(404 words)

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Andrea Miyata

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“Do-tougeikan” Pottery School images

“Do-tougeikan” Pottery School

Take up the challenge of creating an original piece of artCeramics have a feeling of warmth to the touch, perhaps because their main material is earth. Especially with something you have made yourself, you can feel a deep significance in the piece even if it is a little misshapen. The authentic…(978 words)

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Kanagawa P.G.T.D.

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