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"Chinowa" - a Very special ring at shrine! images

"Chinowa" - a Very special ring at shrine!

"Chinowa" is a large ring made of grass and erected on the pathway leading to a shrine on the days of purification (harae). Photos are taken at Shinagawa Shrine.At the shrine, you can pass through the ring as an act of purification from misdeeds (tsumi), impurities (kegare), or bad luck. Shinag…(170 words)

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Jinjya (Shrine) Tokyo Visit Mountain Shinagawa Station Mount Fuji Shinagawa
600 Cherry Blossoms Fill Japan's Air with Sweet Aroma images

600 Cherry Blossoms Fill Japan's Air with Sweet Aroma

Beautiful white flowers framed the quiet pond in the corner of the garden. I wander this place often as it reminds me of "The Secret Garden" depicted in one of my favorite childhood stories. It IS truly hidden from the main road and casual passersby.Those inside the Tokaido, Yokosuka, Yaman…(283 words)


Cherry blossom Cherry Shinagawa Station Hara Museum Tokyo Hotel Building Spring History Museum
EPSON Shinagawa Aqua Stadium images

EPSON Shinagawa Aqua Stadium

This aquarium is a couple of minute walk from the Takanawa exit of Shinagawa station and located within the Shinagawa Price Hotel complex. The aquarium is rather small, but good size for little kids to walk around. A variety of colorful fish will entertain your eyes. Their tropical fish submari…(193 words)

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Shinagawa Kids Aquarium Summer Hotel Sea Walk Fish Shinagawa Station
Ready for the Queen of New York Breakfasts Eggs Benedict? images

Ready for the Queen of New York Breakfasts Eggs Benedict?

First...the food. A first of a kind anywhere in the world! To tell us about her newest creation, the "Queen of Breakfasts in New York City", Sarabeth Levine, namesake of Sarabeth's at the opening of her third restaurant here in Tokyo at the new, just opened Shinagawa station location describing her…(253 words)

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Tokyo Restaurant Food Shinagawa Station Shinagawa Shinkansen Bullet Train
Japanese 'fast-food' for foreigners images

Japanese 'fast-food' for foreigners

You might have heard of, or hear around you at times the Japanese word Gaijin, which literally means outside person, or non-Japanese. It is not originally meant to be disrespectful, just basically means foreigner. So for those who are foreigners and do not speak Japanese, but can’t get enough of th…(379 words)

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Fast food Japanese food Shinagawa Station Food Ticket English Walk Shop Eat Curry