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Do You Know "Hidari Gawa Tsuko?" Pass on the left in Japan images

Do You Know "Hidari Gawa Tsuko?" Pass on the left in Japan

"To the Left, To the Left" is one of my favorite songs and it well applies to some parts of my life....okay, yes you're right, Ill avoid that topic for today :) But, "To the Left" is an important concept in Japan. When you walk around, basically anywhere in Japan, you'll see the cool everyone k…(435 words)


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Commuting during Rush Hour ! images

Commuting during Rush Hour !

Imagine you have to board your 7:45am train by hook or by crook (so you can arrive in office on schedule). Let's add to this imagination, images of japan train rush and getting shoved by polite train conductors without any apology. So how do you board train now, especially during mad rush on weekda…(303 words)

Samir Bodhe image

Samir Bodhe

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