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"Matsutake" Mushrooms images

"Matsutake" Mushrooms

Autumn is "Shokuyoku no aki" (time of hearty appetites). As the heat goes away, the Japanese enjoy seasonal foods such as chestnuts, mashrooms, sweet potatos and Pacific saury to name a few. Sometimes, we enjoy culinary treats such as maple leaves in tempura.One of the more notable smells of au…(235 words)

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Autumn Seasonal matsutake Sushi Tempura green Yuzu Sudachi Chawan mushi (Steamed egg custard)
Learn Japanese Traditional Culture : Tea Ceremony images

Learn Japanese Traditional Culture : Tea Ceremony

By learning Japanese tea ceremony, you will derive much pleasure in various things by doing the followings. - Put yourself in a special environment of tea ceremony room away from busy daily life- Enjoy seasonal Japanese confectioneries over green tea- Encounter with various lovely tea utens…(150 words)

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Tea Green tea green Sounds
Refresh Yourself with Green Tea in Japan images

Refresh Yourself with Green Tea in Japan

If you go to the drink section in a convenient store in Japan, you will find that about 20% of the drinks are different types of tea! The tea is very delicious and some even have actual tea leaves in them. When I was at school, I would drink green tea every day. When you come to Japan, I definitely…(70 words)

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Green tea Convienence Store Japan Drink Tea green
Tsuyu images


Rain. Water. The source of Life itself.Tsuyu. It's that time of year again. It's not exactly like the monsoons of southeast Asia, or the hurricanes and tornados of most of the United States. Japan's got the typhoons, too, but that is later in the summer and hails the coming of fall and the …(358 words)

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Tsuyu Summer Rain green moss
While in Japan Enjoy the Planet's Healthiest Drink, Green Tea images

While in Japan Enjoy the Planet's Healthiest Drink, Green Tea

Yes, I love green tea too! I remember working in my Japanese firm and there was always a green tea machine on the floor. Just like we have water stations in offices overseas, Japanese companies have hot or cold green tea dispensers for your health and happiness 24/7.There are many reasons why peo…(564 words)


Tea Green tea green Summer Winter Kanagawa Wagashi Sweets Hotel
Shimokitazawa Area Restaurants #3 Pizzeria LaBefena images

Shimokitazawa Area Restaurants #3 Pizzeria LaBefena

From the outside of Pizzeria LaBefena it would be understandable if you saw it as no more than any other small one man operation selling Italian~Japanese style catering to the taste of the local market. but once you take a few steps to the door you enter into a restaurant where you know immediately…(495 words)

Andrew Grimes image

Andrew Grimes

Shimokitazawa Restaurant Drink Cuisine style Juice Teishoku Italian cuisine green Bread
Mario i Sentieri images

Mario i Sentieri

This restaurant's name "Mario i Sentieri" means "Mario's Paths" in English, as chef Mario says he wants his patrons to see their time at his restaurant as an experience, and it was clearly the best restaurant dining experience of my life so far.The lighting is dim enough to be relaxing and roma…(421 words)

Laurier Tiernan image

Laurier Tiernan

Restaurant Food English Trip Cuisine style Dining used green Dessert
Fried Rice at Aster Ginza images

Fried Rice at Aster Ginza

In my opinion the fried rice is one of the best dishes at Aster Ginza. Fried rice is usually pretty straight forward, run of the mill dish but as usual, Aster Ginza takes the standard version, and makes it into something quite special. They offer two different types of fried rice - the standard typ…(201 words)

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Ginza Fried rice Spring Beef new green love pork