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The Saga of the 50cc license (2007) images

The Saga of the 50cc license (2007)

I've been struggling to get a 50cc motorbike license since May. You would think it would be easy but the thing is that I was determined to take the test in Japanese like all the other Japanese people in this country. After I went to day school for the certificate showing that I had taken a 50cc dri…(512 words)

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Rain. Water. The source of Life itself.Tsuyu. It's that time of year again. It's not exactly like the monsoons of southeast Asia, or the hurricanes and tornados of most of the United States. Japan's got the typhoons, too, but that is later in the summer and hails the coming of fall and the …(358 words)

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Typhoons - wind, rain and lot more! images

Typhoons - wind, rain and lot more!

It would be fair to call Japan at once a country blessed by natural beauty and cursed by natural disasters. Sitting on the famed “Ring of Fire”, the country hosts some spectacular and dangerous volcanoes, as well as the all-too-infamous and frequent earthquakes, some of which can wreak unimaginabl…(1210 words)

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How to Be Prepared for Rain in Japan images

How to Be Prepared for Rain in Japan

In my Hawaiian home, we get some type of rain in the morning or evening, the wind gusts strong and a Typhoon comes by every once-in-a-while, but the temperature is pretty much paradise year-round. I was 12 before I realized how each and every day’s weather can be such an exciting experience!My …(889 words)


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