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Interesting Japan: Washlets, things that make you go hmmm!? images

Interesting Japan: Washlets, things that make you go hmmm!?

I was inspired to write this quick post when I learned that the other day (November 19) was United Nations World Toilet Day. looking at the pictures in the BBC article, I reflected on how fortunate we are in Japan because of our washlets. For…(272 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Interesting Japan Japan Washlet Japanese Winter Toilet Mobile Stalls
Yukata Festival in Hiroshima images

Yukata Festival in Hiroshima

Tokasan festival is one of the big festivals of the year in the Hiroshima city center. Food, drink and game stalls to enjoy as well as a dancing area to take part in traditional Japanese "obon" style "odori" dancing around the central drum and music tower. Tokasan is held on the first weekend i…(314 words)

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Yukata (Light kimono) Japanese festivals Tourism Hiroshima city annual Stalls Traditional Dancing Obon Odori dancing early summer event
How to Enjoy Japanese Summer : Yukata images

How to Enjoy Japanese Summer : Yukata

One of the joy in summer is to wear Japanese summer version of Kimono “Yukata” and go out. People enjoy taking walks in the city in their favorite Yukata or shopping at food stalls on the day of Hanabi festivals. Please enjoy fabulous fireworks in the summer night sky! *Staff*Kimono dresser…(108 words)

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Summer Yukata (Light kimono) Japanese Summer City Shopping Food Kimono Fireworks Stalls