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Enjoy bath, Japanese style images

Enjoy bath, Japanese style

Enjoy taking bath with Babu(Bub), a popular Japanese bath tablet to Relax after Exploring Japan on Foot.All travelers know how sight seeing can be exhausting. Especially walking around on foot, taking trains and metro etc with lots of stairs before and after the ride in metropolitan areas in Ja…(394 words)

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style Japanese Japan Summer Hotel English Play Work Market
Beautiful Kyoto images

Beautiful Kyoto

Beautiful Kyoto“Kyoto is a beautiful city where you discover small temples and shrines around the corner. One step inside and you are in another world, free from the noise of the city, stressless, peaceful. All it takes is a walk along Kamo River, and some curiosity to look around the corners…”…(358 words)

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Kyoto Japan Travel Market Tera (Temple) Japanese garden Matome
Enjoy the Yokohama Market, heaven for fish lovers, in a more delicious way images

Enjoy the Yokohama Market, heaven for fish lovers, in a more delicious way

When we think of the Marine Products Division of the Yokohama Market, we imagine the intermediate wholesalers, true professionals in the world of fish, all lined up, with other professionals in the world of fish—the fish mongers and the sushi shop owners—coming to purchase their wares. Normally we …(1809 words)

Kanagawa P.G.T.D. image

Kanagawa P.G.T.D.

Yokohama Fish Market Visit Restaurant Food Summer Japan Shopping Event
How To Make the Strongest Wish: Shimanrokusennichi and Hozuki Flower Market at Senso-ji images

How To Make the Strongest Wish: Shimanrokusennichi and Hozuki Flower Market at Senso-ji

Shimanrokusennichi at Senso-ji temple in Tokyo Asakusa is your chance to make the strongest wish possible.It might be Friday the 13th and a full moon as I am writing this, but an extremely auspicious day is coming up in a few weeks. July 10 is Shimanrokusennichi 四万六千日 at Senso-ji temple in…(236 words)

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Asakusa Senso-ji Temple Japanese festivals Flower Market Tera (Temple) good luck July
Local Secret: Kawasaki Wind-chime Festival in July images

Local Secret: Kawasaki Wind-chime Festival in July

Each year, for 5 days always including the 20th and 21st of July, the grounds of the Kawasaki Daishi temple are taken over by a wind-chime market. The creators of these lovely crafts come from all across Japan, representing almost every prefecture, to display and sell their chimes. The varietie…(206 words)

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local secret July festival Tera (Temple) Market wind-chime Kanagawa Yokohama
Japanese Stationery that Frees Your Creativity images

Japanese Stationery that Frees Your Creativity

Japan is a country and culture that takes its stationery and stationery shops super seriously - arguably to the point of insanity. For those people who don't care about what pen or pencil they use, the Japanese obsession with office and home supplies probably seems a waste. But for those who do car…(402 words)

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Former Deep Japan Writer

Stationery Fashion design Music Shop Movie Market Shopping 100 yen shop Tokyo
Lively NISHIKI market in KYOTO! images

Lively NISHIKI market in KYOTO!

A market is the best place to visit if you want to know about the lifestyle in the area. When you are visiting Kyoto, it's a good idea to go to the lively Nishiki Market.Now there are about 130 grocery and seafood shops lined up on both sides of the narrow street. They are selling Kyoto's speci…(250 words)

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Kyoto Market Visit Food Sashimi (Raw fish) Shop Tofu (Soy bean curd) Fish Snacks Seafood
Comic Market, The Largest Manga Event in Japan images

Comic Market, The Largest Manga Event in Japan

Comiket, or Comic Market, is Japan’s largest manga related event. It is held once a year in August. To truly understand the appeal, I think you must have a strong passion for Japanese manga culture. What you can find at Comiket are manga related products that are made independently by “circles” or …(138 words)

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Manga Japan Cosplay Shopping Event Trip Market
Want to be a Hit in Japan? images

Want to be a Hit in Japan?

Ive been in the DJ business since the 70s and maybe because I was so active in Hawaii and Hawaii is one of Japan's favorite tourist destinations, I have ended up in this amazing and endlessly exciting metropolis, Tokyo. I DJ on several stations including InterFM, and I do podcasts about various…(394 words)

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Tokyo Music English Entertainment Business Market
Fish market for lazy birds - part1 images

Fish market for lazy birds - part1

Early bird catches the worm.... and maybe fish, too...Since I'm not an early bird in the mornings, I always give up going to Tsukiji fish market and where the famous tuna auction is held ......super early in the morning.Also the tourist cannot just show up and see them anymore. You need …(308 words)

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Fish Market Sashimi (Raw fish) Sushi Train Lunch Kawagoe Tokyo
July Events in Asakusa and Ueno images

July Events in Asakusa and Ueno

Asagao means Morning Glory. Iriya Asagao Ichi is held at and around Iriya Kishimojin Temple. This event is held on 6, 7 and 8 July every year. This year, the street (Kototoi Dori) will be closed from 17:00 to 21:30 on these days. Time and Place:6, 7 and 8 July at Iriya Kishimojinone minut…(222 words)

Keiko, OTT image

Keiko, OTT

Asakusa Event Tera (Temple) Music Flower Ueno Traditional Market Summer
Natsu Matsuri images

Natsu Matsuri

I miss Japanese summer except for that humidity :) Song of crickets and cicadas, sound of wind-bell and baseball games on TV. Sit on tatami floor and have cold beer with edamame... I love them! You can't miss Omatsuri in summer, too! It is like a farmer's market with more activities. Please enj…(54 words)

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Summer Japanese festivals Japanese Summer Beer activities Baseball Market love Edamame (Green soybeans) Tatami
The world famous tuna auction that they're talking about images

The world famous tuna auction that they're talking about

Every morning (except for Sundays/Holidays and some Wednesdays) the tuna auction is held throughout the year at Tsukiji, the largest fish market in the world. Tuna is a big red meat fish, the biggest can weight 400kg, almost as same as horses, probably the most popular sushi menu in the world, …(570 words)

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Visit Sushi Fish Market Tsukiji
"If you knew Sushi..." images

"If you knew Sushi..."

Tama Sushi, their HQ and prime restaurant in the area famous for the largest wholesale fish market in the world, Tsukiji, invited three lucky DeepJapan senpai to try their 'Nigiri Sushi Experience', give feedback and ideas as well as share the experience with DeepJapan readers and our friends. (Spo…(686 words)

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Sushi Tsukiji Make your own Sashimi (Raw fish) cooking Tokyo Fish Market
Internal Factors Affecting Toyota images

Internal Factors Affecting Toyota

For a long time, the company has maintained the top position in the industry, selling over 9.4 million vehicles annually worldwide, ahead of Volkswagen and General Motors. Despite the company’s dominance, Toyota experiences several negative business factors both internally and externally. In light …(653 words)

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Toyota Business Work Japan History Region Market Earthquake design Cheap