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Ume (plum) blossoms in Sumida-ku images

Ume (plum) blossoms in Sumida-ku

Can not wait Sakura? February is the time for Ume (plum) blossoms. In Sumida-ku, there are some places famous for Ume blossoms. Though Kameido Tenjin is also famous for wisteria, there are over 300 Ume trees. 15 minutes walk from JR Kameido Station.Omurai-Katori Shrine is a small shrine, which …(118 words)

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Keiko, OTT

Japanese plum Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Visit Jinjya (Shrine) Garden Kameido flowers
Kamakura: the hydrangeas of Hasedera images

Kamakura: the hydrangeas of Hasedera

June is really probably not one of the best times to be in Japan. Endless days of rain, laundry that doesn't really dry, excursions cut short because of squalls...However the plentiful watering does bring one positive event with it: the riotous blooming of hydrangeas. An attractive weed, they g…(200 words)

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Kamakura Hasedera Tera (Temple) local secret flowers June
Hydrangea's in Japan - Ajisai images

Hydrangea's in Japan - Ajisai

Japan is a country of multiple seasons and for every season there are a different set of flowers that are blooming. At this very time of year, the Hydrangea's are blooming. In Japanese, hydrangea's are called Ajisai. You can go to virtually any park, temple or residential neighborhood and find h…(130 words)

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Hydrangea Park Tera (Temple) Flower Lavender Seasons flowers
Cherry Blossoms... desu images

Cherry Blossoms... desu

The reports are in... March 22 in Tokyo for the pink flowers. Yoyogi Park is big and fun. I would also suggest checking out the outlying parks of Tokyo. Showa Kinnen Koen offers a stunning array of blooming flowers during any season. It is a memorial to, what used to be a massive U.S. Air Forc…(134 words)

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Cherry blossom Cherry Tokyo Park Yoyogi Park flowers