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Funniest Japanese Show in Japan: Itte-Q images

Funniest Japanese Show in Japan: Itte-Q

If you're interested in japanese TV, Itte-Q is the show to watch. Even if you don't understand Japanese, the show should be entertaining. Its on Channel 4 from 8pm every sunday. On the show, they do different things every time but the basic concept is that the comedians and celebrities on the show …(135 words)

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“Benkyoukai” Helps People in Japan Get Ahead images

“Benkyoukai” Helps People in Japan Get Ahead

Allow me to introduce you to a term Benkyoukai. The term Benkyoukai is made up of three Kanji Characters and the first one is written as 勉, which means “exertion”. The second character is written as 強and it means “strong”. The third character is written as 会 and it means “meeting, association,…(278 words)

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Tamiya Playmodel Factory - and race track images

Tamiya Playmodel Factory - and race track

While I thought it would be just an interesting shopping experience, the Tamiya Playmodel Factory turned into a 3 hour stop with my 8 year old son.Three floors total. Bottom two are dedicated to models, radio-controled cars, and race cars kits for the second floor circuit track. Models are a …(345 words)

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Suginami Animation Museum images

Suginami Animation Museum

This past week I visited the Suginami Animation Museum, located in Kamiogi, Suginami-ku near Nishiogikubo station. It was a wonderful 3 floored museum that all ages can go and enjoy.The museum often features an exhibition of different artists works periodically. I attended this time to check ou…(616 words)

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo image

Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

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Worth to learn "IKEBANA" once you are in Japan! images

Worth to learn "IKEBANA" once you are in Japan!

Have you ever tried IKEBANA?IKEBANA is the Japanese traditional flower arrangement, but you never imagine there is much difference from the regular floral designs prevailing in Western style. Learning IKEBANA provides you understanding a true-feel about Japan and you can find who you are thro…(145 words)

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Edo Wonderland - See the Legends! images

Edo Wonderland - See the Legends!

I will admit that this was one of the most memorable adventures of my first trip to Japan. It is all very interactive and you can actually experience the Edo period lifestyle first-hand. This is a wonderful place to see and take part in the living history and culture of the Edo period. This cult…(223 words)

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Fun Children Activities in Japan, Learn Martial Arts images

Fun Children Activities in Japan, Learn Martial Arts

Bushido refers to the samurai way of life, the "yamato damashii" or the samurai spirit. It is a general attitude towards life including things like respecting hierarchal relationships, putting great emphasis on loyalty, and dying with honor. Since samurai don't exist anymore, its difficult to see o…(575 words)

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Stay in a Japanese Hotel Without the Extra Costs images

Stay in a Japanese Hotel Without the Extra Costs

If you are interested in saving some money on accommodation but you still want to stay at a minshuku (Japanese bed and breakfast), consider doing "sudomari". Typically, a stay at a minshuku will include at least one meal. Although this meal will probably be very delicious, made using the best local…(96 words)

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JR East - Japan Railway Company images

JR East - Japan Railway Company JR East train homepage is a great way to learn about train routes, fares and activities throughout what is known as Eastern Japan. This site: shows the routes that the different bullet trains take from the T…(201 words)

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Helping the Children of Tohoku APRICOT News #2 images

Helping the Children of Tohoku APRICOT News #2

The rainy season it seems has done nothing to dampen the spirits of APRICOT’s supporters. Thanks to the growing number of Team APRICOT Children volunteers,we have been very productive and positive for APRICOT, one that has seen us take a major step towards official NPO status (as a registered NPO …(434 words)

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Andrew Grimes

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Cupnoodles Museum images

Cupnoodles Museum

If you are like me and you have an affinity for one of the best inventions ever bestowed upon mankind, yes, I’m talking about instant noodles, you will love hearing about this must-see, one of a kind museum! The Cupnoodles Museum in Yokohama is a tribute to this delicious meal, as well as to its fo…(325 words)

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Wild Rides in Kamakura images

Wild Rides in Kamakura

If you are ever looking for that ultimate traditional Japanese experience, look no further than a trip to Kamakura. There are countless activities to fill your interests in Kamakura, including experiencing the outstanding larger than life Buddha, walking amongst the time-honored temples, sampling t…(268 words)

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Natsu Matsuri images

Natsu Matsuri

I miss Japanese summer except for that humidity :) Song of crickets and cicadas, sound of wind-bell and baseball games on TV. Sit on tatami floor and have cold beer with edamame... I love them! You can't miss Omatsuri in summer, too! It is like a farmer's market with more activities. Please enj…(54 words)

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Onsens and Outdoors in Kusatsu images

Onsens and Outdoors in Kusatsu

Ranked for last 12 years straight as one of the Top 100 onsens in Japan, it really is for the onsens that visitors come to Kusatsu. There are public onsens and of course ryokan and resort hotels with their private onsens. A few of the the famous public onsens are Sainokawahara (西の河原露天風呂)…(307 words)

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Unleash Your Inner Artist at Artbar Tokyo images

Unleash Your Inner Artist at Artbar Tokyo

Trying something creative is a great way to help you unwind. Artbar Tokyo in Daikanyama offers classes all week long that give artists of all experience levels the chance to create an original painting while sipping on delicious wine in a relaxed and welcoming environment. This isn't your typical a…(257 words)

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Tips for Staying in a Japanese Hotel images

Tips for Staying in a Japanese Hotel

To properly enjoy Kusatsu Onsen, you really should make it an overnight trip. Staying for two or three days allows you the chance to fully explore the town and enjoy the benefits of the hot springs. Believe me, you’ll leave feeling like a new person.When booking your accommodations, there are t…(337 words)

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