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Why Visit Japan in Summer images

Why Visit Japan in Summer

Japan is a true "year-round" destination, but if you like the heat - and lively festivals - then summer is the perfect time for you to visit!Summer in Japan lasts from about June to mid-September. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from approximately 70° to 90° Fahrenheit.…(320 words)

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan image

Andres Zuleta, Boutique Japan

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Tokyo Bay Fireworks - HANABI Special buffet Dinner images

Tokyo Bay Fireworks - HANABI Special buffet Dinner

The Tokyo Bay Fireworks are held north of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay. They feature about 12,000 fireworks launched from barges anchored in the water. They have official viewing spots at Harumi Park (15 minute walk from Toyosu Station), but transportation will be really bad especially after…(319 words)

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